In spring of 2014, OhD student of the Department of Physics Alexander Akentyev completed his stage at Tokyo University of Science. This is what he has to share:

My trip was organized by Department of International Relations of MPEI within the indispensable support of Yuri Kuzma-Kichta, professor of the Department of Engineering Thermal Physics of ITNPE​.

Together with the students and Ph.D.-s of TUS I have studied the basic work and design principles of "atomic interferometer used in the development and creation of precision optical standards for frequency and time, as well as the measurement of fundamental physical constants".

The peculiarity of studying in Japan is in the deep diving in the field of research. For that one has to study articles and literature upon the subject, approaches of different scientists towards the problem, compare and contrast them, and give your way only when it is formed as a way of a specialist.
The study in Japan has exerted a grand influence on my specialist development. Getting inside a new culture that is new for one greatly enhances his horizons. Study in a foreign University gives an opportunity to contact people and share the experience with specialists sharing their points of view on the problems imposed. And of course staying in the foreign country and working with books improve your English even despite of problems with language spoken in the hosting country.

A special trait of Japanese is their hospitality and readiness to help in any problem. Rich and ancient culture features have influenced the orient people greatly. Their punctuality, politeness and respect towards the details are exemplary. As the final work of me and my TUS colleagues the considerable article had been published:

Taku Kumiya, Alexander S. Akentyev, Yoshihiro Mori, Junya Ichimura and Atsuo Morinaga "Milliradian-phase-resolution atom interferometer with transparent electrodes for measurement of the Röntgen phase" in the Physical Review A.

For the conclusion I would like to underline that the stage in a foreign country is an excellent opportunity to raise the level of your language, get inspired by the new culture and meet new friends. As in every long journey, you face the difficulties and obstacles, but the experience and impressions that you receive from it will cover all your uncertainties.​​​

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