Trinity-College in Dublin is the oldest and most prestigious university of Ireland. It is located in the center of the capital city. In 2016 it was the first time I stepped on the ground of beautiful campus and felt like studying there. I was attracted by the Trinity-College program of studying theoretical and practical aspects of international medium education. The educational program supposed certain freedom in choosing the field of study and work with up-to-date technologies. Dublin is a bright and friendly city, and it excited me as well as the fact that my favorite writer, Oscar Wilde, studied Antiquity at Trinity College.

Dublin is a cozy city with friendly citizens, so I had no problems with moving to my residence. My first positive experience at Trinity started with the orientation Fresher's Week. Students were presented many clubs and social groups. I got my student and transport card easily. I really enjoyed the Student2Student organization, members of which guided a tour round the campus for us, told us about the mystical history of the University and offered their help in case of problems.

College has two mobile applications that give access to the timetable, free PC at the library, goals that are imposed, deadlines and the online board. The education is held in the interactive form. Teachers led lessons in the form of discussions and debates, so we always had interesting group projects and presentations, we expressed our opinions freely, without raising our hands or going to the board. We had been explained thoroughly the rules of writing production that should be put in certain boxes corresponding to faculties strictly before the deadline. Violating it even slightly leads to discounting the work. It is worth mentioning that all the foreign universities teach the critical thinking. Using it we read many scientific articles and publications, learned how to criticize common positions, question them, and that appeared to be unusual and uneasy.

I advise Trinity applicants – don’t be afraid to leave your homeland if it is not forever. You will never walk alone or be abandoned. Don't be afraid to fail, because you will always be aided if you call for it.

For those who want to improve their English knowledge there are annual free courses, that can help you to learn academic writing, oral speech or special lexics.

You should act and participate in the college life. There you can find students' communities that give you a chance to meet new people that could be your friends forever, so you could communicate even after your studies. Those people could help you adapt to the new country and new people. Don't ignore planned tours, walks, hiking because that will let you get acquainted with the city and its suburbs.

Speaking about Ireland in general, don't forget to bring your umbrella, because sunny days are rare there. Choosing the program, remember about the climate because this factor has big influence on your motivation and study progress.

Dublin is a safer city and Ireland is a beautiful land. You can take the Dart train and in half an hour you will see rocks through your window, Irish sea, Atlantic ocean, fishing villages.

In Trinity all the needed conveniences are present for you, even anonymous consultation where you can find relief and some advice if you feel that you are tangled.

If you still hesitate – don't forget that changes, variety and new impressions are what life is.

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