Julia Marishkina, PhD student of the Department of Economics in Power Engineering and Industry, had become a winner of the annual contest for scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation for study abroad. According to that fact, she passed a stage in one of the oldest European Universities. Upon her return from Prague, she is willing to share her impressions of her time in the Czech Republic.

Seeing my name in the list of winners of the President Scholarship for students to study abroad brought me a moment of joy and I could not actually express my feelings, supposing that the stage would be incredible. By the way, I was not mistaken.
Indeed, 2017 and 2018 years were rich and fruitful for me. I had an experience of studying at Czech Technical University in Prague at the Department of Economics, Management and Humanities, Faculty of Electric Engineering. The main goal of the stage was to conduct the research for my thesis, acquire new knowledge, and share experience with foreign colleagues.

Lecture on power markets

Study process at CTU was interesting and comfortable. The entire student Campuses are located close to each other, and the equipment in the laboratories is modern. The pride of the University is a 6-storeyed technical library the edifice of which was awarded numerous architectural prizes. Here I was able to find any necessary literature for students of all specialties, moreover, some of the halls work overnight that is very welcome by students during the session.

CTU National Technical Library

One of the peculiarities of the study process is a free choice of the disciplines of the study plan by the students, and the composition of individual cirriculum. This is particularly useful for those students who already work.
My education was in English medium. In course of my stage, I attended the courses of financial management, power engineering safety and economics, quality and distribution of electric power. All the lecturers were English-speakers and the course was backed by detailed presentations that were very helpful. Representatives of grand partners of the University took their part in the study process, such as Škoda, NET4GAS, CEZ, ABB, PWC and others.

Joint presentation of a project

As I am the person that adores sport, I had been pleasantly surprised by the variety of sport activities. Students have the opportunity to practice almost everything, due to 30 types of sport that are available: ice hockey, tennis, fitness, badminton, martial arts, dancing, bowling etc.

During the study I was doing my best to participate in all available forums and conferences.

Taking part in the CTU Conference

In the spring semester, I was a participant of the international school in power engineering for Austrian and Czech students: in February, we were studying in CTU and in June – in Vienna Technical University.
The school was very bright, full of various events, lectures and business games. Almost every day after courses we did sightseeing and study trips to power objects.

Melnik power plant, the Czech Republic

I had a chance to see the HPP in Litomerice, and TPP Melnik in 30 km from Prague. In Vienna we visited the headquarters of the power system operator of Austria, and incinerating plant Spittelau that is a bright example of a potentially harmful enterprise that is really eco-clean and profitable by giving energy for 60000 houses in Vienna.

Incinerator Spittelau, Austria

Another tour was dedicated to the block of flats that was built on “passive house” system for low energy consumption. The events allowed me to discover the situation on the power markets, energy policy of EU and compare the power structure in different countries with the help of representatives of power enterprises and ministries.

Student life in CTU is rich and captivating. ISC students' club is part of the University’s structure, and it organizes multiple events that help foreigners to adapt to the life abroad and meet the traditions and customs of the country. I managed to become a member of ISC and an organizer of the students’ leisure time.

Having dinner together

We conducted different tours round charming Prague, made tours over all the Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary, Czech Krumlov, Czech Switzerland, and South Bohemia) and had mountain hikes. Every week we organized international evening programs with presentations of participants’ culture, national cuisines and music contests.

Playing music for the contest

Moreover, I took a chance of being the Russian language teacher and had classes with foreigners. Overall, due to this social life, students have a great opportunity to open the international culture for them and find good friends.

I felt bittersweet upon my return home. The time of my academic exchange trip to CTU is priceless meaning very different ambience, language practice, acquiring different skills and intensive communication with international colleagues. I am sure that the knowledge that I got will be helpful both in my daily routine and in my career.

Upon conclusion, I would express my sincerest gratitude and thankfulness to MPEI Department of International Relations for the granted opportunity to study abroad and to the Czech Technical University for the further aid in stage realization and considerable help in need.

I advise you not to be afraid to walk tall, to participate in different programs and contests, even if it seems hard to overcome. Such a journey for knowledge would grant you incredible experience of your life.

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