Evgeniy Strukov passed the selection of Klaus Riedle grant, after a few interviews and a lot of paperwork he has got the opportunity to pass a six-month stage at Siemens AG in Mülheim-on-Ruhr, Germany. This is what he is telling about his work for Siemens AG:.

I have been passing my stage at the service department of Siemens, in the domain of Power Generation Services. Here I was taught about the current world trends in the field of power engineering, main roles at the market, advantages and disadvantages. I found out that the market isn't actually controlled by the two giants, Siemens and General Electric, but there are many strong players on the market acting in concurrence.

All these players are aware that the 4th technical revolution is at its full blast. Engineering companies develop new digital products, that are both for inner use of the company and its clients, because it is the only way to be a leader on the world's market.

Siemens rate highly the initiative, and that's why active students from all over the world have the opportunity to have a stage here. Its duration varies from 6 weeks to 9 months, according to the study plan. I met students from Australia, China, Spain, Netherlands and Germany.

During the practice every student is being occupied by his own project with support of his supervisor. The student is granted a status of employee and has access to the inner information of the company. That allows to work fruitfully, basing on the knowledge of the company and its development.

My practice started from basic things: acquaintance with the company and the power market. Then I learned about big data concept and "Internet of Things" technology, their values, particularities and prospects. I ameliorated my knowledge in Thermal power engineering, Electric power stations and also visited steam and gas turbines and turbogenerators production.

Due to my practice, I elaborated the existing product of the company and digitalized it. In long-term prospect that would allow company clients to use electric energy in a more efficient way, and the company - to broaden the range of service methods.

After half a year, I can state that the international experience was very fruitful. I acquired new professional skills and contacts, met world-class engineers and gained new goals for my life.

We hope the relations between MPEI and Siemens will rise to a new level, and the number of students that can gain such an experience of working for international companies like Siemens will greatly increase.

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