The goal of my trip was to learn about Chinese culture, experience the education at a University abroad and reach over my horizon.

North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) provided one place for an internship during from 1 semester to 1 year as part of a scholarship of the People's Republic of China. The CSC scholarship offers free tuition, free accommodation, insurance, and monthly payments of 3,000 yuan.

North China Electric Power University is the country's leading university in the field of power engineering and electric power; it directly conforms to the Ministry of Education of the PRC.

At NCEPU the special Board of Directors has been organized that has comprised the members of the Ministry of Education of China, State Grid Corporation of China and five other largest Chinese Electric Power enterprises. The main campus of NCEPU is located in Beijing, other one in Baoding. NCEPU is a multidisciplinary university based on technical sciences, combined with humanities, natural, economic, managerial and legal sciences, and featuring a distinct professional character.

NCEPU has 4 research centers, 20 specialties are opened for Doctors of Science. In some fields as electric power, energy and engineering thermophysics, management and engineering it has the right to confer a scientific degree of Doctor of Science. As well, NCEPU offers 52 specialties for Masters, 54 specialties for Bachelors, 4 specialties for receiving a Double Bachelor's Degree, MBA center and training of Masters in engineering sciences. Now 38776 people study at the University, among them 6276 are postgraduate students, 20004 bachelors and specialists, 11996 adult students, more than 500 foreigners.

Any student has a chance to study at NCEPU. To get full information about the internship you should consult the specialists of the Department of International Relations of MPEI. The main requirement is to be a Master student of MPEI on contract or scholarship.
I had collected all the needed documents and won a grant that comprised 3000 yuans (almost 30,000 roubles in accordance with the winter 2019 currency exchange rate).

The education in China has a number of advantages:

  • It is free, as well as the accommodation;
  • You can learn one of the most demanded languages;
  • You can add a study abroad certificate to your CV;
  • If you already have a certain level of Chinese, you can go for a scholarship to one of the
  • Chinese enterprises (it has to be agreed with the university);
  • You can make friends among the foreigners from Africa, Asia and Europe;
  • In Beijing there are many places of interest;

NCEPU has a large campus. On its territory there are tennis courts, basketball courts, a large football stadium, as well as a fitness room. A huge number of convenience stores are available for buying everything you need, as well as some canteens with a varied Chinese cuisine.

The education itself was interesting and not overcomplicated, I studied individually with the professors in the framework of my specialty. The classes in general are the same as in Russia. NCEPU has many modern technical installations and study rooms with new interactive equipment. The self-education is also worth mentioning: every student is passing his free time in the library with working hours from 8 until 22. The ambiance there is very comfortable and many worthy books are available. Anyone can choose supplementary subjects according to his specialty and take classes in Chinese and English.

NCEPU cooperates with more than 40 universities in the USA, Japan, Europe, etc. Together with foreign universities, NCEPU opened the joint MBA program, the joint Bachelor program in electricity and automation, the Bachelor program in accounting and finance, as well as the joint Bachelor program in nuclear power and nuclear technology.

NCEPU has been admitting foreign students since 1964. Since 2001, the admission and training of foreign students at NCEPU has entered a period of rapid development: the University has been recruiting and preparing multidisciplinary employees for Chinese and foreign enterprises in the fields of electricity, heat, renewable energy, nuclear energy and others. About 500 foreign students have already been trained.

China is a good partner for Russian students and it is very interested in their education. Send your applications and once they are accepted, let’s go conquer China!​

25.03.2020 16:58