From the 3rd to 15th of July, 2016, a trip for students-winners of the contest “Best study group of MPEI 2014/2015” was organized. It was a study trip for A-7-14 ГП-1-14 groups. The supervisors of the event were the tutors of the groups that gave a solid contribution to the win: Assistant of Vice-rector Andrey Kondrat and the associate professor of the Department of Advertising, PR and Linguistics Nina Zhuk.

Before the departure to Poland students completed some stages: one-and-a-half year selection, went to the final of the contest held at Firsanovka on the “Energy” Hotel base and proved there to be worth it in the creative, intelligent and sport clashes with the opponents.

As a reward for success in the final of the contest the winners were given an opportunity to take part in the cultural and educational event of academic exchange with the University of Economics in Wroclaw, Poland.

Some excursions were led by Polish students in magnificent Wroclaw with its rich history and beautiful suburbs, Old Сity, Market square, Tumsky island, Century Hall and Square, Botanical and Japanese Gardens, Oceanarium, Zamek Ksiaz and many other historical and cultural sightseeing places.

Moreover, on weekends students managed to stroll in three Europe Capitals: Warsaw, Prague and Berlin and to go to the Poland historical center – Krakow.

These two weeks were filled with a lot of positive impressions and emotions. Here is the photo report on it.


Impressions of the trip of the student of group A-7-14 Tatyana Alexandrova:

The session is finally over, and that means that the time for adventures and our trip comes.

It was surprising to see the House of Culture and Science of the architecture similar to Moscow near the railway station in Warsaw, so familiar to us. We had a day to walk around the city, to admire the cozy beautiful streets, see the Marketplace and to understand that Warsaw is a very contrasting city that embraces the Old city and the buildings of contemporary style.
In the evening, we got the train to Wroclaw, our home for the nearest two weeks.

We were living in the campus of Wroclaw University of Economics with good conditions, and hosting students welcomed us in a very warm way. All the time of our stay, we tried to experience the city: the central district was a fairytale place – bright buildings, many churches, street actors. There were lots of places to see the town from the bird's eye, and it was unusual and charming. We visited lots of beautiful places: gardens, fountains, churches, castles. Fellow students from the University helped us a lot with history of the city, and as well we could have a walk on our own.

Another one Polish city that we visited was Krakow. It was much like Wroclaw and had a special beauty.
Another important goal was to visit the Oswiecim, concentration death camp; it was like a historic mission to keep the memory of the war’s victims, not a typical place for tourists.

We also grabbed an opportunity to see other countries, we made a trip to Prague and Berlin! It is a remarkable feeling to sightsee everything with your own eyes. Berlin is a rich, grand, very beautiful and modern city. We visited the Brandenburg Gate, went to the Berlin Cathedral, the Reichstag, visited the most beautiful Gendarmenmarkt square.

Overall, the trip was amazing, we made many friends in Wroclaw, we are keeping in touch and very much hoping to return!

Ksenia Terochkina, student of group ГП-1-14, shares impressions of trip
When we were preparing for the “Best study group” contest, we did not even expect that this all is so real, that we really go to this amazing trip. In spite of that, the session is finished, and we are in Europe. As we were going through Warsaw we had an opportunity to spend a few hours in this wonderful capital of Poland. Upon arrival, a guide met us, and gave us an experience to visit the most mysterious places of Warsaw and to listen to the most mysterious tales of the city. The beauty of the Old City, its cozy streets, open-air cafes and hospitable people, charmed everyone.

By the evening, we have already been welcomed by students of Wroclaw University of Economics. They took care of our luggage upon arrival and showed us the hostel. Next day the excursion through Wroclaw started, and in coming few days we walked around the delightful city, sightseeing, all these churches, watch points, local zoo, exotarium, Botanical Garden, even travelled to suburbs with Polish friends to Zamek Ksiaz. Then for another couple of days we went to Prague and had positive and rich impressions. The ancient city charmed us with its greatness.
We went to some other cities as well, Berlin, where we took a bicycle tour, and Krakow.
Grace to the Wroclaw students we dived into the Poland culture, and we were extremely happy to have met them. Hoping we keep up with the conversation for long-long time. The trip gave us wonderful feelings, everybody has returned to Moscow happy and strongly willing to stay in Poland)

In its turn, from July 18 to July 31, 2016, MPEI hospitably received a Polish group of students on a return visit and tried in favor to show all the achievements of our University, the Moscow flavor and the Russian soul in short 2 weeks.​

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