Study abroad for MPEI students is actually a very real and common thing. There are numerous grants, programs and universities that practice academic exchange. Every year dozens of students go abroad: to Germany, Finland, and to other countries. Someone has been preparing to study since enrollment, others decided to experience education abroad in the final years. Here are a number of reviews from students who have passed the education abroad.

MPEI students Ilya Lashkov and Nikolai Lyapunov won a Georgius Agricola scholarship to study at Dresden Technical University and here they are to share their impressions:

Ilya Lashkov:
The program helped discovering the activities of our international colleagues, we met students and professors from different countries. Each one of them has his own story of arrival in Germany. The socialization with them permitted to find out many new interesting things about common and scientific life. The party was amazing; they showed the keenness and respect towards Russia. The weekend events helped us make acquaintances and discoveries.

Nikolay Lyapunov:
We actually focused more on revising than learning new information. However, the language of studying was different so was interesting anyway. What is positive is that during the practice we were allowed to work with the equipment by ourselves. The infinite capacities for science work were provided as well, and the keen students were welcome.

In Dresden the education at MPEI is esteemed to be on the European level. Some of the professors are Russians, which was quite surprising. At the same time, the number of professors and students from Russia reaches almost a majority, as well as the number of the citizens or museum visitors.
By the way, we bought season tickets to museums, so if we wanted it or not, we simply must have visited them all.

The part-time work was not necessary, because the scholarship covered all the expenses, especially when you spend in a smart way. The largest part goes well to pay the hostel insurance and alimentation fees.

By the way, in Saxony you can use your student’s card to move by train for free.

The university dormitory is of a hallway type. It is very cheap and close to the main building, only a 5 minutes walk. It is located behind the library building that is a grand one, with a beautiful interior. The only n there is that you hardly ever can take a book out, because all the books are often borrowed or the only last example is available strictly for reading.

The Internet at the hostel is very cheap, but has a restriction on traffic, which is not so sensible. On the contrary, the mobile connection is 10 times more expensive. Anyway, you just have to accept it.

Every evening you can hang out with international students, especially exchange students who are usually trying to manage everything. Every weekend the students’ club organizes BBQ parties, every week there are cultural meetings dedicated to certain countries. Students can play football every week and go sightseeing on weekends.​​​

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