IPEEP student Margarita Pashkina speaks about the experience of the admission to Master course abroad.

Студентка НИУ МЭИ о поступлении в магистратуру в Англии 

Here is what she shares:

I have had a dream of receiving education in the UK since childhood. In my first year I gave myself a goal of receiving the Master degree abroad. That time I didn’t have a plan but understood that the main thing is the knowledge of English. While improving my English during all the time at MPEI I was also preparing my scientific work so on the fourth year I had already had three scientific publications. Remember that publications and conference reports can make a difference while applying to study abroad.

I learnt about a program of "Global Education" occasionally. Upon having written the "Master course abroad" I acquired a program of state student financing program “Global education”. The necessary conditions of participation were few: Russian citizenship, the Diploma and individual admission to the University. I got interested in that program and starting from September until January I had been studying English to complete the IELTS examination test. The opportunity to prepare for and to pass the IELTS was obtained due to MPEI.

Six months after the start of my project, I received an invitation from Sheffield University. I was on the seventh sky and became sure that I would study in the UK.

My scientific supervisor at MPEI was Andrey Efimov, professor of the Heat-and-Mass Exchange Processes and Installations of IPEEP. He is a very respectable, professional, kind and generous person. I want to thank him for giving me his support having started since the 2nd year at MPEI.

After passing the examination at MPEI in advance and defending the Bachelor thesis, which needed to be earlier than generally due to the application to Sheffield, I sent the necessary documents and diploma to the University. All my summer was spent in waiting. Waiting for the admission, waiting for the lists of the grant winners, the grant itself, documents and the visa.

353 days have passed since my goal to go to the UK was set, and on September 1st, finally, I got the visa, so I’m on my way to Sheffield.

To the very single winner of the “Global education” contest and to all the students I advise – never give up! It might be hard, yes, but keep your focus, believe in your dream and it will come true!

I'm very grateful to everyone who has helped me to fulfill my dream, to my parents, of course, who have always supported me, my beloved Department of Heat-and-Mass Exchange Processes and Installations and its Head Andrey Gariaev. I would like to give special thanks to the Department of International Relations for backing and advising me.

Good luck!

13.11.2019 15:29