Elizaveta Petrichenko, student of the Institute of Power Machinery and Mechanics, participant in Erasmus+ program at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland, in the autumn semester 2018/2019, shares her experience.

I have been studying at Wrocław University of Science and Technology from February 22 until July 8, 2019, in frames of Erasmus+ program.

"Wroclaw University of Science and Technology" – are the words that I will always keep in my memory. The experience received at that University brought me the development of communicative skills, amelioration of the level of English, raising my qualification, and professional experience. During the semester, one has a beautiful opportunity to be acquainted with Polish and international culture, as you study with the students from all over the world.

All the education system at Wrocław University of Science and Technology is made with optimization. I liked much the automation system of the education process. All the notes and results are published on the special site JSOS, as well as the notifications about the timetable changes. All the courses from all the faculties are at your disposal. You also can choose the subjects of your study in the first days of it. Therefore, I recommend taking a closer look on all the subjects, to have a glance at them and then decide for sure what you exactly need and what are you interested in.

All the professors are good specialists. They always can help, give a hint and advise you in any case. My classmates were very friendly and opened for conversation. During the education, they have shown me the laboratories and told me about their thesis projects.

All the available theoretical skills were immediately consolidated by practical tasks. In my program there was a course called "Embedded systems" and I got the opportunity of programming STM controllers in the Keil development environment. I also had "Mechatronics and Theory of Automatic Control". In this course, we learned how to work with the Siemens simatic s7-200 programmable logic controller for a pneumatic module. The third subject was Social Robots. In these classes, everyone had the opportunity to create a program for the specific behavior of the NAO robot. In addition, my program included an Introduction to Automation and Robotics, and German Language Courses A1.1.

Students that study in frames of Academic mobility program have a well-developed social life. Every week the students’ social core organizes many events of different kind. This is a good opportunity to find good friends. So all the students I knew felt at their very ease.

I’m so grateful to all the teaching staff and Erasmus coordinators and especially to Irina Aleksandrovna Kulik who helped me to solve all the problems and has shown her interest in me. I strongly recommend every student to gain experience of Erasmus+ program.

02.08.2019 15:47