In autumn 2017 I have seen an announcement about the lecture of various types of study in other universities on the Double-Degree program. Then I made some basic research on the website about the foreign education.

After the lecture of the International Administration I became on fire to find a good student exchange program. I started to search for one. After having read some info on the websites of interesting institutes I started choosing the best one, looking for one with the lowest academical difference, keeping in mind that the "Low temperatures" specialization is not a common one.

On the site a multitude of different international programs can be found, as well as the demands for the participants, academic difference schemes and templates of different documents needed for application.

One of my friends of MPEI had visited Germany in 2017 in the framework of Erasmus+, and advised me to go to the same place. But I was willing to take application to LUT in the field of "Technical Physics".

Having discovered the opening of the enrollment to the international programs, I gave an application and started the education at the BKC-in English school, because in order to be admitted for the program you need the IELTS certificate of 5,5 at least, and for Humanities studies – at least of 6,5.

In December all the applicants passed the interview with the LUT representative, Julie Vauterin. She expressed her interest in our motivation in science and research. After finishing language school at the end of December, I passed my IELTS with 6,5 mark and sent my documents to LUT. In springtime, I passed another interview with the representative of the department that I was willing to join (and after that one more, for any case). So then, I was waiting for the results.

The results came in April: I was admitted to my first-choice specialty with a full scholarship that covers both education and hospitality in Finland. To my second-choice one I received just the education scholarship. Having confirmed the education place, I started to work with the visa issues, hospitality and curriculum for the MPEI-LUT Double-Degree program.

Thanks to the full scholarship, I had to pay only for the visa, trade union duty, lodgement deposit and the 1st month of rent. Full sum was 5600 Euros and that was enough for my sake. The money was offered partially, the first part comes in September, second one after the successfully done exams of the second period, third one after confirming the Master thesis draft, and the last comes at the end of study. Don’t forget to get the local bank card, otherwise you will be provided money only at the end of September or start of October so you would pay on your own until it.

Many friends kept asking me if the theme of your Bachelor thesis or the average grade or marks and conferences attended affect the selection? Well, I don’t know. All applicants from MPEI that had passed the English examination were admitted, many students just couldn't complete it. An interesting thesis will be taken into account, but it doesn’t affect the selection, however, I had mentioned my publications and conferences.

Speaking about the marks – it occurred that students with the average grade 3,34 were admitted. The decision for admission is generally made from your interview with the professor of your future department. You should be motivated and respond positively.

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