In 2015 Krisitna Sadovskaya was awarded scholarship for studying on Double-Degree program of National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” and Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT. This is what she has to say:
Студентка Садовская Кристина о программе двух дипломов НИУ МЭИ - Технологический университет Лаппеенранта
I was very glad to discover that I had acquired a scholarship to study at LUT University in Finland. It became a new open door to a new life for me, both interesting and frightening: another country, another culture and another language.

Right now, I understand that it should not be so scary, that sometimes difficulties could happen, but they are pleasant to be resolved. After a year in Finland, I have understood that there are no problems that have no way to deal with, and there is no phrase like "I’m not a specialist in this field" so to forget it. If you are a researcher, scientist and developer, you should learn how to look at the world from a special point of view.

MPEI gave me discipline, skills of full commitment. I am grateful to it for the strong and solid base that it gave me and that allows me now to build on with the new experience.

At LUT University I met problems that I had never had before my Master course.
First, the structure of study. A student has to learn by himself and for himself, read supplementary materials and complete the tasks of different complicacy, no matter if he has practice in the domain or not. Asks others, reads more, but has to solve problem.  
Second, at LUT University teachers react very negatively to the plagiarism and all the works are thoroughly checked.

Third, the examinations are written for the most part that is unusual for a Moscow student, so it’s better to be careful while you prepare. For example, it is sometimes hard to understand, does your teacher want an open report or a short one, because you cannot talk to him during the exam.

At LUT University there are plenty of laboratories and scientific groups, so you can be doing research at full blast. I was very much involved in this and took pleasure from understanding that my work would lead to something new and undiscovered.

Student’s life

I would like to add a few useful facts about the start of the sojourn in Finland. First, it is hard to deal with little houses and a lot of streets with unpronounceable names. But on the second week it goes fine. At the University you can benefit from the Tutor service. Tutor is a student who meets you at the University on the first day of your stay, helps you at the beginning to get settled and orientated. It is very helpful.

In the shops, it is sometimes hard to understand what type of milk you need exactly. However, eventually everything becomes clear.

Finnish language courses help a lot. It’s hard to speak so soon, of course, but you can get the main points of how does the language work.

The accommodation looks like 1-2-3-room apartments where every student has his own room. In it there are a bed, a chair, a wardrobe and a desk-lamp. The student buys all the rest.

At the canteen the food is cheap and good. The meal always includes a drink and a salad.

International medium is something enchanting. Different people with different mentality and habitudes are being together, attending the same courses, working together. It is an unusual and pleasant experience.

Soon you make friends with people from all over the world. The University organizes meetings, job fairs and other events to keep students entertained.

Education at LUT University fulfilled my desires and aspirations. I received a remarkable work experience and a perfect opportunity to discover my talents.

The Department of International relations of MPEI expresses its gratitude to Kristina for the provided report and wishes her further success in education and career, hoping that her experience would be useful for students.​

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