From August 5 to August 31, a group of students of the National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" consisting of Nikita Bychkov, Alexey Bykovsky, Ilya Koshkin, Vadim Kovbasa, Sergey Minayev, Artem Mishchenko, Anton Rogovoy, Konstantin Salomatov, Georgiу Zinchenko took part in the international course on German language in Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany). These students were selected from the attendants of the Additional Education program that was organized at IMT Department for training in a professional field of "Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering"(link -

Generally speaking, the reception was perfect – we were met and guided directly to the registration point, being saved from getting lost in the unknown city.

Evaluating the course in general, you can see that it was very fruitful: everyone noticed the rise of language level and conversation skills no matter what the starting level was. Basic learning was being held from 9-00 until 12-30 in groups of 10-12 students. After that there were courses dedicated to technical sciences – we had a visit to the studio of virtual reality, sound studio, departments of the university linked with the thermal transfer, mechatronics, nanoresearch and others. Special lectures were read concerning information security, nanoprocesor development. Technical studies with A2 language level were tough, but interesting.

Second, it's worth mentioning that the leisure time activities were numerous and made us move. There were several common dinners and lunches, parties that contributed well to making friends and contacts with people from different countries. We were shown movies in German and we travelled to Erfurt, to Wartburg castle with its dragon trail, to Weimar, a cozy and very beautiful town.

We were offered a 3-day tour to Berlin, which I definitely recommend to take.

Apart from general meetings organized by administration, there were thematical country parties that were held by foreigners and where we could touch the culture and the cuisine.

The hostels were clean and in good shape. We had our lunches and suppers there and dined at the students canteen – Menze, where it was reasonable, filling and very tasty. In Ilmenau there are some large supermarkets nearby the university. Particularly, you can rent a bike that costs 10 Euros per month and allows you to move smarter and moreover gives you an opportunity to do sightseeing, admire mountains and breathe fresh air.

Summer courses trip grants you experience of finding new friends, breaking the language barrier, raising your communication skills. You will definitely spend your time in a wonderful way! ​​

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