MPEI greeted the group of students that had returned to Russia after the autumn semester of 01.10.16 – 28.02.17 at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology on Eramus+ program. There were seven graduates and postgraduates of IEPE, IACE, IREE, ITNPE and Smolensk branch that reported on their well-being at the Erasmus partner university and their participation to the Erasmus+ program, which they considered as a great opportunity that was granted for them to take their best skills to the next level.

Our students shared the impressions:

Anastasiya Kotelnikova, IEPE, Master course

The most important moment is education, and I am very glad of the level and quality of the education at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Professors gave us theoretical basis, and then involved us into discussions, group work and presentations. One of the advantages of this was the better adaptation in the multicultural medium.

Especially I would like to mention the work of Buddy Program. Guys helped us during all the time, all semester, with all the problems that appeared, as well as the international departments of both universities that aided us with paperwork.

To sum up, I’d like to say that I couldn’t have imagined a better experience than I had had in Wroclaw.

Evgeniy Ignatyev, IEPE, Master course

I have passed a semester of education on the faculty of Electric Power Engineering. I chose my lectures, practice and projects in Automation and Security in Power Systems sector, as well as Modelling of Electical Machines, Energy Storage and language courses of A1 Polish and A2 Japanese.

I had a chance to receive additional language practice because the lessons were given in English. The quality of education is at the highest level, everything is available: impeccable study programs, teaching staff that masters English very well, study rooms with all the necessary equipment. A few words should be said about the Library of the University that possesses marvelous funds of scientific literature and periodicals, as well as convenient reader’s hall and digital section.

For the participants of the program there is an opportunity to visit conferences and exhibitions guided by the University. During my studies I took part in the Power Engineering Сonference "SmartMatch 2016 - Green energy", where I had an opportunity to make important scientific contacts with different specialists from abroad. Due to acquaintance with one of them, Przemysław Shulz, Doctor of Technology from Wrocławska Polytechnika and professor of the Faculty of Power Machinery, I had the chance to get a closer look on the equipment and technique of the Department of Hydraulic Machines of WP for conducting research and study labs, which corresponds to my scientific research field. Przemyslaw also contributed greatly to the organization of my visits to three HPP on the territory of Lower Silesian Voivodeship of Poland.

During training under the Erasmus + program, the doctoral department of the Faculty of Electrical Power Engineering of the Wroclaw Polytechnic University and its head prof. E.Rosolovsky, I was being supported with temporary supervisors - prof. M.Soberaisky and prof. H. Wojciechowski, who were advising me during the research. "

I would like to pay attention to the sparkling work of both exchange sides, coordinators of Erasmus+ Alina Dorosh and Irina Kulik were responsive and operatively solved the upcoming questions. I also highly esteem the work of the Foreign Office. The Buddy-program tutor can operatively resolve many adaptation problems. Events provided by ESN allow meeting students from other countries. Excursions in the framework of ESN-program guide you through the hosting country.

The experience acquired was very fruitful, and I would like to return to Erasmus+.
Vladislav Berezovskiy IEPE, postgraduate
I was passing my education during the autumn semester on the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering at Wroclawska Polytechnika. I attended the courses of Management in Electric Power Engineering, Qualtity of Electric Power, Optimization and Numerical methods. Language courses were given as an opportunity and sports also, for example, I passed the A1 course of Polish and played badminton.

Erasmus+ grants you new professional knowledge and competences, improves your English and lets you dive in the native language of the hosting country, meet new people and make business contacts, and compare the quality of education in Russia and abroad.

Many professors of WUST are highly esteemed in the international scientific medium and in course of their lectures they give knowledge that is actual in science and technology now.

there are many foreign students who study on exchange and full-time programs at WUST. International medium of the study allows getting acquainted to other cultures. Buddies help in solving routine and adaptation questions, and support the hobbies of the students.

MPEI and PWR International office coordinators are always ready to help with organizational and study issues during all the time of education. It is special to thank the employees of the Department of International relations for understanding and being ready to fight for the students in any case.

Evgeniy Sharanov, IRE, Master course
Of course, participation in the Erasmus + program is a great opportunity to develop your language and professional skills. Without a doubt, I can recommend training at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology under this program.

A good impression was made by the teaching staff that worked with me, as well as interesting lectures and laboratory practice did. For foreign students there are some special programs: Buddy-program, ESN, that allow easing the adaptation, travelling through Europe, lightening your leisure time and making new friends.

Irina Smirnova, ITNPE, Master course
"Erasmus+ is a nice program where you can get priceless experience of education in Europe. It involves language perfection, broadening horizons, diversity of study courses and contemporary methods of study. Another important part of education is that every student receives bilateral help from both Universities involved into the program.

Ivan Shamaev, IACE, Bachelor course
Participation in Erasmus+ is a perfect opportunity to supplement the technical knowledge acquired at the native University and to develop your language skills. Study in English is a good practice.

At Wroclaw University of Science and Technology I was studying on the Faculty of Informatics and Management in the field of Informatics. I liked it much to be able to choose the subjects on your own, even from other years or another faculty.

All the teachers master English in a decent way and are personally involved in students’ success.
I am 100% satisfied with the program and would really much appreciate the participation in future international projects.

Anastasia Zhigareva, Smolensk branch of MPEI, Department of Management and information technologies, Bachelor Course
I would definitely recommend everyone to participate in the program. This is a unique opportunity to get new knowledge, meet another culture, strengthen and broaden your English skills, socialize with foreign students. The conditions of study and accommodation are on a very high level. Many processes are automated. The attitude towards the students is competent and tolerant. The Dean’s department and the Foreign office are always ready to help, moreover, there is the ESN program and the Buddy program that make the adaptation even more interesting. Apart from this, Irina Kulik was also always online and helped a lot. Definitely I will try to make an application to participate in Erasmus+ again.

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