MPEI postgraduate Gleb Ziborov with students of Tokyo University of Science

During the period of 15 September 2016 until 15 March 2017 Gleb Ziborov, postgraduate student of IEE, MPEI, was passing his internship at TUS (Tokyo University of Science) in the framework of academic mobility program between TUS and MPEI that was supervised by Yury Kuzma-Kichta, professor of the Department of Engineering Thermophysics of Institute of Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering.

This is the experience that the Ph.D. student has shared:

The idea of the internship has firstly appeared in my mind when I was finishing the Master course in spring 2015. I had a desire to continue the education as a postgraduate and, if possible, to get international experience under my belt. From autumn 2015 until spring 2016, I was making the essential foundation for the future travel, i.e. the publication of the article in the international journal and creating the trip plan. It took 4 months to prepare all the documents.

The accommodation was excellent, as were the research conditions. Japanese appeared to be very friendly people and helped me much during the adaptation period. During the study time in Japan I have considerably broadened my horizons due to socialization with my Japanese colleagues. I managed to share the quotidian life of Japanese students, visit common events, improve my English.

I can say that the efforts done to make the trip come true have fully paid off and the experience was worth it. I hope that the collaboration with Tokyo University of Science will continue and there will be more students of MPEI to get the same experience as I did.​

29.08.2019 16:11