International Conference "Electric Power Quality Management" will be held on November 26 – 28, 2014 at the National research university "MPEI", Moscow, Russian Federation


Department of Power Engineering, Mechanics and Control Processes of Russian Academy of Sciences

Russian Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences

National research university "MPEI"

Melentiev Energy Systems Institute SB RAS

Ministry of Energy of the Moscow Region


N. D. Rogalev – Rector, National research university "MPEI" (Chairman)

Y. V. Sharov – Head of EPS Department, National research university "MPEI" (Co-Chairman)

I. I. Kartashev – Leading research fellow, National research university "MPEI"

L. I. Kovernikova – Senior research fellow, MESI SB RAS

V. N. Tulsky – Head of scientific and research laboratory, National research university "MPEI"

E. N. Guseva – Chief editor of "Electric Power. Transmission and distribution" magazine

R. R. Nasyrov – Research fellow, National research university "MPEI"

S. A. Akchurina – Assistant, research fellow, National research university "MPEI"

B. V. Oleksyuk – Engineer of EPS Department, National research university "MPEI"

M. A. Silaev – Engineer of EPS Department, National research university "MPEI"


  • Integrated assessment of energy, power, electromagnetic processes in power engineering and electrical and power;
  • Power quality in smart power systems,
  • Continuous monitoring, periodic measurement, control and analysis of power quality,
  • Assessment of power quality,
  • Impact of power quality on the reliability of electrical power supply,
  • Consequences, damages, costs of power quality
  • Methods and tools for power quality control,
  • Modeling and software in the field of electric power quality,
  • Legal regulation in the field of electric power quality, including responsibility for the deterioration of power quality, technical and organizational measures, assessment of the equity contribution, the authenticity of international and Russian standards,
  • Impact of renewable energy sources on power quality,
  • Advanced training technologies in electric power quality,
  • Other issues related to electric power quality.


Working languages of the Conference are Russian and English.


Papers reflecting the experience of research, experimental and practical work, proposals to improve the regulatory documents are accepted by the Committee. The papers must necessarily reflect::

  • Relevance of the considered problem;
  • Novelty of performed research and / or development;
  • Prospects for the use of the results.
  • All papers will be reviewed. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject papers that do not reflect of unclearly reflect all of the above mentioned elements.
  • Papers submitted for the Conference should be formatted according to Papers Formatting Guidelines – q.v. attachment.


Call for Papers

Papers Formatting Guidelines

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