The Russian Language Center
Founded in 1955


Center of the Russian Language used to be one of the eldest departments of MPEI. Since 2020 it has become a Center. In 1946, at the Department the Russian language teaching for foreign students at MPEI started there. In 1951, there was created a special section on the basis of Department of Foreign Languages, that existed until 1955, when there was formed an independent Center of the Russian Language. In 1991, at MPEI there were created pre-university courses for foreign citizens at the Center. Since 1998, the Center has been involved in the Russian language testing of foreign citizens by Order of the Ministry of Education and Science. In 2014, the Center joined Institute of Humanities and Applied Sciences.

Thematic priorities of the Center:

  • Teaching of Russian as a foreign language for foreign students and Ph.D.-students, preparing them to pass the TORFL;
  • Teaching of Russian for students who graduated from national schools in the republics of the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries;
  • Testing in Russian as a foreign language;
  • Participation in various forms of pre-university training for Russian citizens, preparing for the passing the exam;
  • Lecturership of author’s courses by professors of the Center in special subjects at the institutes of MPEI ("Etalon" group and others);
  • Employment with Admissions to MPEI (subject Admissions in Russian);
  • Conducting the Open Academic Competition in Russian for foreign students of non-philological universities.

Research areas

At the Center there are no scientific employees. The scientific activity of the Center is carried out by professors of the Center based on the personal academic research curriculum.

The main areas of professors' research interests are related to the methodological support of the educational process at the Department:

  • Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language (general language proficiency, scientific parlance and professional sphere of the language proficiency).
  • Authentic courses in the disciplines of the humanities at the institutes of MPEI.

Recent projects



The specialness of the educational mission of the Center is in the fact that students gain not only book knowledge of the Russian language grammar, but also practical skills in the language proficiency, so that they can get an engineering degree comprehensively at MPEI.

The Center assigns a mentor among professors for each learning circle of students from the preliminary courses for foreign citizens, first-year Bachelor foreign students and first-year Master students in order to adapt foreign students to local culture of the MPEI and to the Russian culture as a whole, as well as to ensure the unities of training and education, to improve the effectiveness of the educational process and to support the activity of students in meaningful activities.

The organization and the arrangement of themed tours are performed according to the curriculum.

Unique equipment

  • Language laboratory is a subject-oriented classroom for 12 students and 1 professor. Each place is equipped with a personal computer with Internet access and linguaphone systems (audio, video and multimedia) for modern education.
  • A video computer classroom for 10 students. 5 places are provided with video equipment (monitors and video players) and the other 5 places are equipped with personal computers. It can be in operation as the language laboratory.

Educational programs 

Professors of the Center conduct classes in the subject "Russian as a foreign language" at all institutes of MPEI in all fields of education at all levels of higher education (Bachelor programs, Master programs and postgraduate training programs) full-time, as well as at the preparatory course for foreign citizens. Besides, professors of the Center conduct classes at the Institute of Humanities and Applied Sciences, they teach such courses as "Russian Language and Speech Culture", "Stylistics", and at preparatory courses for Russian citizens - "Russian Language" course.

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