Department of Electronics and Nanoelectronics

Founded in 1954


The department prepares developers of modern integrated circuits and trains specialists in the field of probe and electron microscopy.

Research areas

  • Optoelectronics, IR detectors, satellite communication
  • Physics and applications of disordered semiconductors
  • Electron transmission microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, tunnel and atomic force microscopy
  • Development of semiconductor sensors based on nanocrystalline films
  • Study of the electrophysical and noise properties of semiconductor devices and structures
  • Development of the theoretical foundations of power semiconductor devices
  • Creation of a new generation of low-level optoelectronic systems
  • Noises of passive and active elements of electronic circuits
  • Methods and algorithms for stochastic analysis for processing spatio-temporal data

Recent projects

  • Physical and chemical properties modification of silicon - carbon diamond-like materials and nanocomposite based on them
  • The method of monitoring the technological process and improving the reliability of microelectronic photovoltaic cells "looking" matrix
  • Parameter and characteristic control of lead chalcogenides photoresist structures
  • Photodetectors based on the Pb-Cd-S – O suprastructure, sensitive in the range of 0.2 - 3.8 μm.
  • New methods and algorithms for joint processing of signals and images with unknown parameters in promising location and communication systems


Equipping with modern measuring equipment, including with electron, tunnel and atomic force microscopes.

Student participation in R&D.

Direct cooperation with a number of scientific and industrial enterprises (NPO "Orion", INME RAS, CSW, JSC NIIMA "Progress", etc.).

Unique equipment

The Department of Electronics and Nanoelectronics has a well-equipped Agilent laboratory of measuring instruments (universal multimeters, power supplies, radio generators, oscilloscopes, capacitance and inductance meters, semiconductor analyzer), Keithley picoammeters, a multifunctional automated system for measuring the electrophysical parameters of semiconductors by Q-DLTS methods, spectral ellipsometer, apparatus for studying the surface of a solid state LHS-10 (Germany).

Educational programs 

  • 11.03.04, 11.04.04 Electronics and Nanoelectronics - Bachelor, Master program, PhD
    Solid state micro- and nanoelectronics
  • 11.04.10 Semiconductor Physics
  • 11.04.04 Solid-state electronics, radio-electronic components, micro- and nanoelectronics, devices based on quantum effects


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