General information

The first department of Industrial Electronics (IE) in Russia was founded in December 1943 by its first head, Lenin Prize Laureate, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor I. L. Kaganov (1902 - 1985). The department is the leading one among all such departments in Russia. Now there are more than 25 departments with the similar (or related) names in the branches of MPEI and other universities in Russia.

The Industrial Electronics (also called the Power Electronics) deals with electronic switches and converters of electrical energy of various kinds and purposes, as well as their control systems.

Examples of IE devices: secondary power supplies, electric drives, energy converters for the electric power industry, chargers, automotive electronics, microprocessor control systems for various objects of industrial electronics.

The main areas of professional activity of Industrial Electronics graduates:

  • development of industrial electronics devices for various fields of national industry,
  • research and optimization of the software and hardware of INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS devices,
  • optimization of operating modes and processes of various objects with using IE devices,
  • operation and maintenance of Industrial Electronics devices.

The department collaborates with scientific and industrial organizations (possible organizations of practical training of students and the future work of graduates):

  • PJSC "FGC UES" ("Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System");
  • SC "STC FGC UES" ("Scientific technical center of FGC UES");
  • JC "VNIIEM Corporation";
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Federal Nuclear Center – Academician E.I. Zababakhin All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics" (FSUE "RFNC-VNIITF";
  • PLC "Togliatti transformator"
  • PJSC "Electrovipryamitel";
  • PLC ("MELP") "Moscow Electric Lamp Plant";
  • SC "SPA ENERGOMODUL" ("Scientific Production Association ENERGOMODUL");
  • SC "Head Special Drawing Office Projector";
  • JSC "Svyaz engineering".

Department Equipment

The department is equipped with the following modern educational laboratories:

  • "Solid-state electronics";
  • "Electronics";
  • "Continuous electronic circuits";
  • "Pulse electronic circuits";
  • "Modeling and analysis of electronic circuits";
  • "Computer-aided design of industrial electronics devices";
  • "Switched-mode power supplies".

The department is equipped with a modern research complex for the lecture courses "Information Electronics" and "Power Electronics" as a part of the training and research test bench (see photos below):

1. "Industrial Electronics" (2 test benches),

2. "Stand-alone converters" (4 test benches),

3. "Industrial sensors" of technological information (1 test bench)

All test benches were manufactured by LLC NPP "Uchteh-Profi" (Chelyabinsk).

The complex provides students laboratory works for the following lecture courses:

1. "Solid-state electronics", (5 laboratory works)

2. "Circuitry", (4 laboratory works)

3. "Digital technology", (4 laboratory works)

4. "Power Electronics" (10 laboratory works)

The staff of the department (in 2019) consists of 2 full professors, 10 associate-professors, 4 senior teachers, 2 assistant-professors, 4 PhD students.

Annually, nearly 50 bachelors and 20 masters graduate from this department.

Currently, the department prepares bachelors (4 years of study), masters (2 years of study), PhD-students (4 years of study) and doctoral candidates in the following areas and specialties.

Educational programs:

  • 11.03.04 - Electronics and Nanoelectronics - Bachelor's program
  • 11.04.04 - Electronics and Nanoelectronics - Master's program
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