Department of Radio Devices and Antenna Systems

Founded in 2014


The Department of Radio Devices and Antenna Systems (RD and AS) was formed as a result of the combination of the departments of Radio Engineering Devices and the Antenna Devices and Radio Wave Propagation in June 2014.

The department conducts teaching and research work in the field of radar and radio navigation, digital methods for generating and processing signals, digital television, laser ranging and remote diagnostics of biological objects.

Research areas

The main research areas of the department are theoretical and practical investigations in the domains of:

  • antenna and UHF/EHF technologies;
  • development of computing algorithms for power engineering potential of RCL and radar systems in recognition of the environmental influence;
  • analysis of parameters of different environmental areas;
  • remoted radiosonde measurement from the aerospace crafts.

Recent projects

  • Study of three-dimensional radar mapping of the Earth’s surface from aerospace vehicles and ground-based scanning radars;
  • Development of software and hardware for video and audio compression for transmission over channels with limited bandwidth (in cooperation with OJSC “GIPROSVYAZ”);
  • Investigation of trans-horizon propagation of microwave radar signals over the sea surface under the condition of an evaporation waveguide for solving ultra-long-range object detection problems;
  • Study and restoration of the troposphere refractive index gradient in atmospheric waveguides from reflected radar signals;
  • Creation of extended antenna fields for conducting radar observations of small-sized space objects of natural and artificial origin of space debris;
  • Investigation of high-performance algorithms for the operation of an on-board radio interferometric system for the safe landing of a helicopter on an unprepared site.


  • Excellent equipment with modern measuring equipment, work with the most modern components;
  • A large number of ultra-modern R&D;
  • Attraction of students for part-time in R&D;
  • Direct cooperation with a number of industrial enterprises (Navis, RKS, NIIKP, etc.);
  • Supporting of student start-ups, their participation in international competitions and fund-rising.

Unique equipment

The department of Radio Devices and Antenna Systems has a vector network analyzer type Agilent N5230A. This device is widely used in research work carried out by students, graduate students and the research staff of the department.

The department has an unique measuring bench, developed on the basis of the original small-sized anechoic chamber of the horn type, which allows conducting classes using the front-end method.

Educational programs 


  • Radiotechnics (including systems and television devices)
  • Antennas, microwave devices and their technologies
  • Radiolocation and radio navigation​​
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