Department of Radio Systems

Founded in 1961


The department was created to prepare chief designers of radio systems and complexes. The main attention is paid to development of optimal solutions in conditions of uncertainty and the action of heterogeneous factors.

Research areas

  • radio navigation (satellite, local)
  • satellite communication
  • radio remote control

Recent projects

  • Recent projects
  • development of navigation chips from smartphones to satellites
  • geo-services for smartphones mobile applications
  • geodesy and mapping, remote sensing of the Earth
  • precision farming, automation of construction machinery
  • Era-GLONASS/eCall, Platon, insurance telematics
  • unmanned vehicles, intelligent transport systems
  • control of unmanned aerial vehicles
  • high-precision weapons
  • satellite on-board electronics
  • ground segment for control and management of satellite systems
  • remote interception of control of an unmanned vehicle
  • electronic warfare and counteraction
  • nanosecond-precision synchronization at any distances
  • cryptography
  • augmented reality
  • local navigation for industry and retail
  • Motion Capture for medical rehabilitation, sports telematics, virtual reality, military training, cinematography and animation
  • navigation of industrial robots for warehouses and workshops
  • printing control of 3D printers of unlimited sizes
  • collision avoidance systems for robots and people
  • high-precision landing systems for unmanned aerial vehicles
  • providing communication with mobile subscribers in areas of poor coverage
  • long-haul communication lines
  • corporate satellite communication systems (Gazprom, etc.)


Excellent equipment with modern measuring tools, work with the most modern components. A large number of ultra-modern R&D. Attraction of students for part-time in R&D. Direct cooperation with a number of industrial enterprises (Navis, RKS, NIIKP, etc.). Supporting of student start-ups, their participation in international competitions and fund-rising.

Unique equipment

Department of Radio Systems has a well-equipped laboratory of Rohde&Schwarz measuring devices (oscilloscopes, generators, GNSS imitators, vector analyzers, spectrum analyzers, etc.), variety of GNSS receivers and antennas of different grade, number of customized robotics kits, reference topographic antenna, as well as variety of ultra-wide band radio ranging kits for local navigation systems research and development.

Also the Department has full-stack equipment of satellite communication laboratory, as well as radio-relay link.

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