The department prepares developers of modern radio frequency transmitters and receivers, digital signal processor devices. The mission of this department is the combined training of high-qualified specialists in radio engineering directions and execution of the progressive scientific researches and developments in the field of devices for formation, reception and processing of radio signals.

Research areas

  • Modern radio-frequency electronic and telecommunication technologies for transmitters, receivers and processing devices;

  • Spintronics and metamaterials;

  • Fiber-optical communication systems;

  • Methods and algorithms for the stochastic analysis for radio-frequency telecommunication technologies;

  • Noises of passive and active elements of electronic circuits;

  • Phase-locked loop-based devices: optimal receivers, frequency synthesizers, locked oscillators, etc.

  • Development of the theoretical foundations of semiconductor-based devices

Recent projects

  • Spintronic-based devices
  • Development of the radio-measuring systems and devices for the power engineering industry branches
  • System-oriented design of the uniform microelectronic devices for signal processing
  • Development of new principles and software-hardware means for the remote diagnostic of the person functional state
  • Development of promising radar methods and means for high-precision remote measurements of vibrations and small displacements of elements of the power engineering equipment.
  • Development of formation methods of optimal queues for repair maintenance of the complex equipment according to engineering quality indices
  • Development of methods and algorithms for variants ordering at different degree of the awareness about objects’ engineering indices
  • Synthesis and analysis of analogous and analog-discrete devices for signal processing in microelectronic implementation
  • Synthesis of complex analog and digital filters on the identical chains
  • Development of spatial-distributed local system for the acquisition, the storage, the distant transmission and processing of information
  • Analysis and synthesis of complex frequency-dependent circuits
  • Solid-state oscillators or the higher power in the microwave range
  • Measuring devices in the millimeter wavelengths
  • Complicate and chaotic signals for secretive telecommunication systems, synthesis of stable frequencies and signals
  • Synchronization of the spin-transfer nano-oscillators and structures from metamaterials in the microwave and tera-hertz ranges
  • Investigations of phase and amplitude fluctuations in devices for formation of precision microwave signals

There is the scientific group “Nonlinear dynamics of magnetic micro- and nano-structures” in the department, which perform the scientific activity in the following directions: spintronic-based microwave and THz oscillators and detectors, detectors of small magnetic fields, neuromorphic processors, metamaterials, THz and optical rectennas. 


The department is equipped with the modern measuring equipment including the vector network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, etc. Students are attracted to R&D projects. The department has the direct cooperation with a number of scientific and industrial institutions (IRE RAS, NTC UP RAS, etc).

Unique equipment

The Department “Formation and Processing of Radio-Frequency Signals” has the well-equipped Agilent laboratory of measuring instruments (universal multimeters, power supplies, radio generators, oscilloscopes, capacitance and inductance meters, semiconductor analyzer), the repair center for mounting and demounting of radio-electronic components with the ball outlets, the workbench for designing of devices on FPGA, the automated complex for execution of operations for assembling of printed-board units with the components of the surface mounting, the complex for investigations and designing of microelectronic units of surface mounting with high density, the ocularless stereo-magnifies Mantis Elite, the 3-channel muti-functional soldering station RMST.

Educational programs

  • 11.03.01 Radio Engineering (bachelor course)

  • 11.04.01 Radio Engineering (master course)

  • 05.12.04 Radio Engineering (PhD and Dr.Sci-courses)

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