Lighting En​gineering Department
Founded in 1932


Graduates of the Lighting Engineering Department are experts in development of modern illuminators, lighting fixtures and lighting systems.

Research areas

  • Development of office lighting systems, outdoor lighting, architectural lighting, stage lighting, illuminated advertising and illumination design;
  • Optimization of lighting and operational parameters of existing illuminators as well as design of fundamentally new illuminators;
  • Development of optical systems for lighting equipment;
  • Development of control systems for illuminators, lighting fixtures, lighting and irradiating equipment;
  • Development of optimality criteria for lighting conditions;
  • Mathematical modeling of human optical system within the tasks relating to detection and identification of objects;
  • Development of measurement methods of lighting parameters of illuminators, lighting fixtures and lighting systems.

Recent projects

  • Development of theoretical fundamentals of modeling of spatial and angular brightness distribution in lighting systems;
  • Research in spectral sensitivity of the visual system’s receptors under normal chromatic adaptation;
  • Development of a method for receptors’ sensitivity measurement in a visual system on the basis of a statistical model.


Use for teaching modern multimedia the equipment of educational laboratories. Constant interaction with leading lighting firms MSK “BL Group”, LLC “VNISI”, LLC “Svetoservice”, LLC Svetoproject”, LLC “Opora engineering”, JSC “KTZ”, LLC “Likhoslavl Plant of Light Engineering Products” (LZSI), Philips Lighting, Osram, LG Electronics.

Unique equipment


Educational programs


11.03.04, Electronics and Nanoelectronics,  Light engineering and light sources.


11.04.04 Electronics and Nanoelectronics, Theoretical and applied light engineering.


05.09.07 Light engineering.


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