1. What does it mean Preliminary Course?

    Answer: Preliminary Course (PC) is the very initial educational stage necessary for each foreign student. The main PC part is learning Russian language during one academic year for the level necessary for the further education at the appropriate program. PC before the Bachelor course anticipates at the second semester the studying some subjects (mathematics, physics etc.) in accordance with the Russian Educational Standard. The studying of such subjects is not necessary before Master or Ph.D. courses. 

  2. What education is finished at the Preliminary course? 

    Answer: The education at PC is finished by the exam in Russian language and the state official testing as well as the interview on other subjects. When poor testing results, the acceptation to Bachelor or Master program will not be possible. In this case PC should be repeated again.  

  3. Which requirements are demanded on Russian language speaking for the foreigner wishing to be accepted at any MPEI course?

    Answer: All foreign citizens entering at 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. academic years as well as at Master courses should correspond to the language requirements of so-called First certification level. For this they must have the State Russian Certificate on passing TORFL-1 (Teaching of Russian As a Foreign Language) which was received in one of the active Testing Centers or the Official certificate about the graduation of one of the Preliminary courses having the state license on this course. In other cases the foreign student must successfully pass the Russian language exam in MPEI. The foreigner who can be get free from this exam are those who has the Russian certificate about the secondary education or the certificate about the successful passing the Centralized Testing of the secondary school level. 

  4. If I studied Russian language earlier, do I really need PC?

    Answer: If you had got the certificate on the state testing in Russian language, then you shall pass through the interview in Russian language. At good results, you do not need PC.  

  5. How can I enter PC?

    Answer: You prepare the application form for the chosen Bachelor, Master or PhD course  and mention in it that you need PC.

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