Bachelor in computer science

4 yearsfull-timeEnglish

MPEI Bachelor program "Computer Engineering" combines fundamentals of the hardware and software engineering with advanced courses in some special areas, such as microprocessor systems, computer networks, high performance computing, web applications and computer security. 

The main goals of the Bachelor program "Computer Engineering" are as follows:

  • deep knowledge of the computer hardware (from transistor level up to microprocessors, SoC, FPGA, etc.);
  • deep knowledge of the software engineering (programming languages, cross-platform programming, web applications, databases, parallel and high performance computing);
  • ability to use methods of digital signal processing, statistics, discrete math, cryptography in computer engineering;
  • experience in software and hardware design, computer security, network administration.

Bachelor program consists of the following subjects:

  • math (analysis, linear algebra, discrete math, statistics)
  • physics and natural sciences (physics, ecology, safety in industry)
  • social studies (economics, philosophy of science, history of science)
  • basics of engineering (basics of the computer science, computer graphics, measurements, databases, modeling, basics of reliability theory, control theory)
  • hardware development (electrical engineering, electronics, computers and peripherals, microprocessor systems)
  • software development (programming languages, software design techniques, web applications, system applications)
  • advanced computer engineering (digital signal processing, high performance computing, computer security and cryptography, computer networks, networks and telecommunications)

Areas of the bachelor graduate work usually are as follows:

  • PC software development;
  • computer network design and administration;
  • microprocessor/microcontroller system development;
  • web-application development;
  • digital signal processing implementation in particular area;
  • computer security/cryptography.


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Requarements and conditions

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