Master in computer science.

2 yearsfull-timeEnglish


Institute of Information Technologies and Computer Science

Start date — september

Tuition fee — about 3500 USD (the cost depends on the RUB-USD exchange rate)



Computer science program combines advanced courses on data analysis, hardware and software engineering, computer security and offers individual problem-oriented training trajectories.

The purpose of the Computer Science educational program is to prepare high-qualified specialists for IT industry, ready to solve following professional problems:

  • designing, developing and maintaining modern information systems and computer networks;
  • performing intellectual data analysis, signal processing and machine learning;
  • enabling security options for computer systems, networks and digital platforms;
  • implementing effective platforms for computing, web applications and e-commerce;
  • creating and developing software and hardware projects for financial and industrial enterprises. 

Computer science program integrates contemporary digital technologies, including software and hardware design, blockchain technology, computer security and cryptography, deep learning and data mining techniques. Great attention is paid to multiple processes and applications interaction via computer networks, including network design and security options, web interfaces and mobile programming, virtual and augmented reality technologies.

The program contains elective courses which allow to choose proper education trajectory, majoring in hardware or software design, accenting at theory and technologies of the artificial intelligence or practical aspects of the information systems development. All the core and elective courses are up-to-date and are checked to comply with the frontiers of corresponding IT researches.  Courses include examples of the state of art technologies and perspective researches held in MPEI or in the leading IT corporations. All the courses are supported by the contemporary laboratory equipment and professional software. It is assumed that students are to be individually consulted by tutors, having their own research programs related to the selected objective. Student may specialize in "pure" IT or in digital technologies implementation in power engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, telecommunications, finance and business.

Each student can select a domain of his own interest. Courses are supported by organizations and companies, that have a great experience in software and hardware engineering, data and signal processing, digital security (Department of computers, systems and networks of MPEI, Security code LLC., TrustedAccessTech LLC., Avicon tech. LLC)

Master dissertation - example subjects to work on:

  • Development of a system of biometric identification
  • Development of a CNN-based system for face/emotions recognition
  • Development of a intellectual search engine for specific digital platform
  • Development of a hybrid multiprocessor unit for video processing
  • Development of a multirate data compression system
  • Development of a mobile AR-enabled application for smart repair system
  • Leaflet

    Download MPEI_Leaflet_MPEI_BСS. MСS eng.pdf

    Requarements and conditions

    Download Requirements and conditions_MPEI_BCS_MCS 2021.pdf


    Obligatory Сourses

    • Russian language
    • Digital technologies of the information processing
    • Digital information security technologies
    • Multitasking operating systems
    • Philosophy
    • Software development technologies
    • Big data processing technology
    • Intellectual systems
    • System integration
    • WEB-applications architecture
    • Network technologies

    Elective courses

    • Machine arithmetic in rational numbers
    • Digital systems design (part 1, Digital circuits  and  Microcomputers)
    • Introduction into blockchain
    • Digital systems design (part 2, Modern  methodology of digital systems design)
    • Distributed Systems of Virtual and Augmented reality
    • Mobile programming
    • Digital signal processors
    • Computer program analysis
    • Digital systems design (part 3, Circuits and PCB design)


    Download MPEI_Leaflet_MPEI_BСS. MСS eng.pdf

    Requarements and conditions

    Download Requirements and conditions_MPEI_BCS_MCS 2021.pdf

    Career opportunities

    Graduates of the program will be able to lead the software, hardware or network developing projects in different professional areas, perform system integration for complex information systems, participate high-level research teams at universities and IT corporations. 

    Our graduates are welcomed by leading Russian and international IT and telecommunication companies (Intel, IBM, Samsung, Huawei, Microsoft, Yandex, Cisco, Lucent-Alcatel), large industrial (Siemens, ABB, Shnider Electric, Rosseti, Almaz) and financial (HSBC, Sberbank, Sistema) corporations.


    Bachelor degree in computer engineering or close areas.

    Certificate of the command of English at the minimum level B2.

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