Master of science

2 yearsfull-timeEnglish

Department of Physics​

Responsible person

Nadezhda M. Skornyakova


Program description

Global specialists in the field of quantum electronics, optical and optoelectronic devices and systems have been trained over the years at MPEI Department of Physics. The graduate students of the Department are full-fledged for industrial, research and scientific activities, working in the wide spectrum of developing areas of science, engineering, technology and medicine. Such graduates are always in demand both at industrial companies (CameraIQ, Laser Show, Azimuth Photonics, etc.), defense enterprises and research organizations (NPK SPP OJSC, Polyus Research Institute, Astrophysics Scientific Production Association, Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM), GPI RAS, PI RAS, etc.)

Due to the optimal balance of course units, including the study of modern computer aided techniques for optical signal and image processing, as well as design and automation methods for quantum electronics and nanoelectronics systems, each graduate has the possibility to be employed by wide range of enterprises, providing highly qualified employment within their specialty and respectable wages.

The Department's laboratories are fitted with proper equipment which is used for teaching of the following courses:

  • Fundamentals of physical optics;
  • Fundamental principles of operation of laser light sources and receivers;
  • Principles of operation of laser measurement systems;
  • Principles of automation of optoelectronic equipment;
  • Characteristics of fiber-optical communication lines;
  • Fundamental principles of holographic imaging;
  • Optical diagnostic methods for various physical processes;
  • Application of interferometric and refractometric methods for research of the dynamic and static characteristics of gases and liquids.

Professors of the Department regularly participate in international and all-Russian scientific and technical conferences and exhibitions, publish in scientific journals indexed by Scopus, Web of Science, etc., and also participate in academic research works on grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and business contracts. Herewith there is promoted and implemented an active involvement of students of the Department in these processes.​​​​​

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