Evgeniy Strukov, student of the Institute of Nuclear and Thermal Power Engineering won a scholarship of Georgius Agricola for education at Dresden TU. From the 1st of October 2016 until the 28th of February 2017 he was passing his studies in Germany. This is what he is to share:

The scholarship was about 450 Euro, this money was enough to cover the accommodation and insurance and to pay for the part of the routine expenses.

I was on the course of Master Program ACCESS (Advanced Computational and Civil Engineering Structural Studies). It is an international program where the education was conducted in English. Students came there from all over the world, seeking free high-class education.

My group was large and included 65 persons, but that did not harm the study process, because for all the classes we had large rooms, and for labs we had been divided in groups. The main effort was to give students a strong theoretical basis and skills to profit from it, because “commercial products are easy for everybody, but you ought to learn how to cope without them”. 

In Germany, I did a lot of sightseeing for historical and cultural places, met the customs of the country, many interesting people and acquired the experience of living abroad. The essential thing is that I didn’t skip the classes, got new important knowledge and passed the examination.
I hope that collaboration between MPEI and TU Dresden will flourish, as it is a perfect opportunity to participate in an exchange in culture and scientific knowledge.

17.09.2019 14:39