First Chinese students were admitted to MPEI in the 1950-ies. Through the years, MPEI has prepared more than 270 specialists for People's Republic of China (PRC), among whom there are prominent Chinese scientists who contributed to the development of science and economy. One of the most renowned MPEI Alumnus is Li Peng, former Chairman of the State Council of China, who is an Honorable Doctor of MPEI, as well as Zhang Tong, President of Chinese Industrial Corporation “Great Wall”.

For the large personal contribution to the development of cooperation with MPEI, Jiang Peixue, professor of Tsinghua University was awarded the title “Honorable professor of MPEI”.

Among the prominent Scientists of China, including Academicians of the Chinese Engineering Academy, there are many MPEI Alumni.

Presently, 106 students and postgraduates from China are studying at MPEI, and more than 40 Chinese students are studying at North China Electric Power University on the mutual educational program with MPEI.

In total, 31 Universities of China signed agreements of collaboration with MPEI.

MPEI professors were at the foundations of the Department of High Voltage and Isolation Technologies of Xi’an Jiaotong University that has been preparing qualified specialists for Chinese Power Industry for 60 years.

From 2013 until 2015 China was one of the countries where the events of the project “Time to study in Russia!” were held by Russian Universities, including MPEI.

Since 2018, a mutual educational program between MPEI and NCEPU has been carried out. Its main result is the Double-Degree that is awarded to its graduates. Students are on the Bachelor program in Beijing and Baoding on the basis of NCEPU while studying Russian with an MPEI staff member. The top students receive an opportunity to study at MPEI. The result of the education is obtaining the Double-Degree of MPEI and NCEPU.

In 2020, a joint educational program of Bachelors in the field of 15.03.01 Mechanical engineering, based on the achievements and experience of MPEI planned for realization in Tangshan, China, in Russian language was created.

Chinese applicants that have won the competition can participate in it. Teaching in China on the coordinated study programs is partially given by MPEI lecturers. Part of the students by the end of the 2 year can come to MPEI for finishing the education and receiving double-degree diplomas. The rest continue studying in China and receive the Tangshan Institute diploma.

Students of MPEI take part in the Summer School program of the Harbin Institute of Technology and the Summer School program of Xi'an Jiaotong University.

In the framework of carrying out the Agenda for Years of Youth Exchange in Russia and China, MPEI is an organizer and member of International Student Summer Schools.

Since 2009, MPEI has been part of the International Network University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization that provides the exchange of students of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The USCO includes 15 Universities, and NCEPU is its coordinator for Chinese Universities in the Power Engineering branch.

On the basis of USCO the Intellectual Power Engineering centre of Shanghai Cooperation organization which extends the ways of collaboration between Universities-members of the Power Engineering field of the USCO was created. The centre contributes to development of scientific research and professional consultations including the development of the Power Industry structure and ties between the States-members of Shanghai Organization of Cooperation.

MPEI is a coordinator of the International Thematic group of Power Engineering of the BRICS Network University. The partnership of MPEI in the framework of the group is set with the Chinese Universities such as Hohai University, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Hunan University.

22 December 2020, at MPEI the Russian National Committee of Organization on Development and Cooperation of the Global Energy Association GEIDCO. The Chairman of the National Committee is MPEI Rector Nikolay Rogalev.

MPEI is part of ATURC (Association of Technical Universities of Russia and China), which is an efficient platform in the field of professional higher technical education in the framework of the program “Commission of Humanitarian Collaboration of Russia and China”. In 2020, during the Russian-Chinese year of science and innovations the International Online School ATURC “Ecologically pure energy and sustainable development” was held. The event was dedicated to strengthening and extension of collaboration and humanitarian and educational ties among the universities of two countries and exchange of the top-level technologies and educational resources. MPEI professors have been chosen as lecturers in the “Power Engineering” field.

Since 2015, MPEI has been part of the Executive Committee of the New Silk Road University Alliance.

In 2016, MPEI became a member of the University Union “One Belt - One way”, that was created on 17 October 2015 in the framework of approved by Russia, China and Korea and other countries “Dunhuang Consensus”.

MPEI took part in the International Educational Forum for development of Electric Power Technologies ADEPT.

For 15 years MPEI has been organizing an Open Olympiad n Russian as a Foreign Language for foreigners of Technical Universities, that is well attended by the Chinese students from a number of Russian Universities.

Annually, MPEI maintains the exchange of specialists and students with Jiaotong University, as well as North China Electric Power University and Shanghai University of Electric Power.​

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