​The Association's programs promote power engineering popularization, accumulation of knowledge and competencies in the industry, as well as the development of domestic energy technologies.

Active, generating new ideas young scientists are the future of the Russian power engineering.

Global Energy Youth Program

Building on its experience, starting from 2019 the Association takes on supporting younger generation of power engineers from around the world and establishes the Global Energy Youth Program.

The main goals of the Program are: provision of incentives for research projects carried out by young scientists and engineers in the energy sector through the allocation of grants and personal awards and increasing cooperation and exchange of experience between Russian and young foreign engineers in the energy sector.

Students, young scientists and engineers under the age of 40 engaged in R&D in the energy sector are invited to participate in the program. The applicant has the right to submit no more than one application for only one of the categories during one nomination cycle for the program. 

Applications are accepted in English in two categories: "Idea" and "Startup". 

Within the "Idea" category, international projects and studies in the energy sector are considered in three areas: "Traditional energy", "Non-traditional energy" and "New ways of energy application". Winners are determined in each of these three areas: one per area. Each winner receives grant in the amount of around 14 000 Euro (1 million rubles) for the continuation of his research in the framework of the announced project for a period of one calendar year.

International projects in the field of energy, successfully introduced into production during the last 5 years, are accepted for participation in the competition in the "Startup" category. For this category, one winner receives a personal prize of around 14 000 Euro (1 million rubles).

In 2019, the program will be held in 3 stages:
Stage I: Submission of online applications (April 10 - June 30)
Stage II: Moderation and assessment of applications (July 1 - August 15)
Stage III: Announcement and awarding of the program winners (August 31 - November 31).

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