Expansion of cooperation between MPEI and Universities of Spain


In the period of time from 15.07.2017 to 24.07.2017 Irina Kulik - coordinator of the international academic programs of MPEI - visited the universities of A4U Alliance of Spain in Barcelona and Madrid where a number of meetings with representatives of offices of rectors, vice-presidents, representatives of the international departments, faculties and offices of innovations took place. Ms. Kulik was a part of delegation of representatives of the Russian universities (Higher School of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, ITMO University, etc.) and two Indian universities. During the meetings the presentations about universities were displayed. The participants also were discussed mutually advantageous areas of cooperation and coordinated mechanisms of academic mobility programs Erasmus+.

1. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M)

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is one of six state universities of Madrid autonomous community. The university is known for its international orientation, quality of teaching and scientific research. The university includes 3 campuses located in Leganes, Getafe and Colmenarejo where 18000 students are trained. UC3M has been MPEI partner since 2015 on the basis of the Erasmus + program (short-term mobility of students and staff). In 2017 the first participant of the Erasmus + program MPEI student (Dept. of Automated Control Systems for Thermal Processes) Artem Chomkhalo was selected for participation in the spring semester and finally successfully graduated from UC3M in August, 2017. He had mastered not only the planned volume of disciplines, but also having learned Spanish to advanced level in spite of the fact that during the first training there were many difficulties of organizational and academic character.

During the visit to UC3M meetings with Vice-president on the international relations and cooperation prof. Matilda Sancez Fernandez, director of Office of the International relations and cooperation Silvia Gallart Parramon and other staff from Office of the international relations and Departments were arranged. Moreover the mechanisms and the algorithm of the Erasmus+ program implementation were discussed and coordinated. Besides, potential realization of other types of mobility and joint scientific research were considered. Genuine interest of UC3M staff was attracted by the information about MPEI own thermal power plant. Vice-president Matilda Sanchez Fernandez and Director of Office of International relations Silvia Gallart Parramon expressed their interest in paying a fact-finding visit to MPEI.

2. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)- The Autonomous University of Madrid

The Autonomous University of Madrid is one of the best autonomous universities of Spain. The campus represents a small town located 15 km to the north from Madrid, occupying the extensive territory (2 200 000 sq.m) with advanced infrastructure and innovative architectural concepts, equipped with the scientific park, the WDPP and SPP own park, sports complex and a set of different constructions providing all necessary for study, work and rest in the campus.

During negotiations Vice Rector on internationalization Karmela Kales expressed her interest in development of cooperation with MPEI in the scientific area in the field of renewables:

3. Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)

Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona is one of the most multinational Universities that pursue policy of foreign students involvement, creating special educational programs. The University includes 15 departments, 3 university schools and 15 affiliated educational institutions and a number of research centers and support services, including the career center.

UAB offers 84 programs of undergraduate studies, 119 Master's degree programs, 73 doctoral studies and 481 programs of postgraduate education.

4. Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF) - Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona

Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona is a young university located in the center of Barcelona. Training is generally aimed at the humanities - sociology, political science, economics and communication system.

In conclusion it would be important to note that effective primary contacts are come with representatives of all universities of alliance. There are detected 2 priority areas of cooperation:

  1. Academic mobility for students, Ph.D.-students and staff
  2. Joint scientific research

All universities are interested in further interaction and they are ready to consider mutually advantageous offers.​​​

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