The visit of DAAD Delegation to MPEI



On the 28th of September the delegation of the DAAD service visited MPEI. Among the German representatives were:

  • Dr Peter Hiller – Head of the DAAD Partnership in Russia.
  • Kai Franke – Head of the DAAD scholarship department in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and North Caucasus.

The Delegation was received by MPEI Rector N.D. Rogalev.

On a base of the meeting DAAD and MPEI representatives have discussed the perspectives of potential collaboration.

After the meeting with the rector the DAAD officials have visited the Dept. of Relay Protection and Automation of Energy Systems, Dept. of High Voltage Engineering and Electrical Physics Dept. of Information-Measuring Technique.

MPEI has a long story of its relationship with German Institutes. In 1971 MPEI was awarded the order of Labour of GDR.

The partnership data gives now about 23 German Universities in collaboration with MPEI.

In 2017 MPEI and TU Ilmaneu celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first mutual treaty signing. DAAD gave support to numerous MPEI-Ilmenau projects and according to that fact 2017 was called the Year of Germany in MPEI.

More than 70 students in MPEI study German. Lectures are held by the DAAD representative that has been given his post in MPEI since 1997. Nowadays the DAAD Lecturer is frau Yvonne Klomke. She reads lectures in German at the Department of Foreign Languages and at the Engineering Faculty of the mutual MPEI –Ilmenau programme.

DAAD organizes a number of competitions for students and young specialists in science to find new talents to study in certain German Universities. These competitions and scholarships are frequently won by the MPEI scholars.

Since 1997 MPEI students have been taking part in the summer schools in Germany. ​​​​​​​​​

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