Extension of International Partnership Network of the European Universities NESEFF


From the 25th to the 27th September in Technical University in Liberec, Czech Republic, the Conference of International Partnership Network of the European Universities NESEFF "Power Efficiency in Construction and Machinery". The event was held in frames of the Network Partnership annual meetings. Among MPEI delegates were: professors of the Industrial Heat Engineering Systems Department: professor I. Sultanguzin, professor V. Kulichihin, academic lecturer E. Zhigulina, Heat-and-Mass Exchange Processes and Installations professor V. Glazov and the head of the foreign Internship and Ph.D. students.. From the start of the NESEFF Partnership in 2015 that took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, regular meeting are held on different grounds in Germany, Russia, Poland and, this first time, in Czech Republic.

The Liberec Technical University was founded in 1953. The University has six faculties: Machinery, Textile, Natural sciences, Humanities and Education, Economics, Art and Architecture, and Mechatronics, Computer Science and interdisciplinary research. At present time more than 10000 students study in Liberec.

The conference was opened by the greeting from the NESEFF Head, Dr.Sc. Professor Silvio Simon and Vice-dean of the Machinery Faculty, Ph.D. Karel Frana. The topics of the reports embraced the vast amount of the energy efficiency problems in social and industrial sectors: the use of renewable power sources, rebuilding the power systems in reconstruction, modern technologies in power supply, gidrothermal control and analysis of the power characteristics.

The special interest for MPEI held the report "Modeling of Engineering Supply Systems of Dresden TU Campus" of the Dr.SC. Engineer Director Head of the department of Buildings’ Physics. One of the main events in frames of the conference was the extension of the NESEFF partnership stated by the signed agreement with German Federal Institute of Research and Testing of Materials, and Dresden Technical University.

At this point, the NESEFF Partnership Network consists of ten Universities. Among them are:

  • National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
  • National Mining University, the Ukraine
  • Azerbaijan Technical University
  • Brandenburg Technical University
  • Technical University of Liberec
  • Wrocław University of Science and Technology
  • Siberian Federal University, Russia
  • Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

The members of the Forum were offered excursions through the science, tech and study labs of the Machinery Faculty and on the convector production of the Korado company.

The participants of the Forum were bound by a warm friendly relationship and high professional level of the event. The members of the conference express deep gratitude to professor Silvio Simon and professor Mrs Lewandrowsky, both representing the International office of Brandenburg Technical University, Anna Malakhova and the employees of TU Liberec – Karel Frana and Ph.D. Tomas Korin for excellent work.​​​

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