BRICS Network University at MPEI


The online meeting was held by coordinators of the Partnership Universities from all five BRICS countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, overall eight Universities. The appointment was organized by the moderator of the International BRICS group, professor I. Zhelbakov.

Besides current issues of the workgroup some practical problems were discussed, i.e.:

  • state funding of the students exchange programs realized by the governments of the BRICS countries
  • methods of realization of cooperative educational Master programs of the BRICS Network University
  • coordination of the road map of the Power Engineering branch development for 2017-2018

Moreover the recommendations for the International Governing Board of the BRICS Network University to confirm the first 4 Master programs were given. Among those programs were: MPEI programs "Sustainable Thermal and Energy Systems" and "Operation and Management of Environmentally Safe Thermal Power Plant", RUDN program "Solid Waste as Renewable Energy and Industrial Energy Efficiency Source" and MISIS program "Science and Materials of Solar Energy".

The University Partnership would make the synopsis of the meeting in a week and prepare the final protocol. ​​​​

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