MPEI is selected as the first Russian University to pass the training in frames of the program Erasmus +


​During 08.10.2017 – 14.10.2017 staff of the international department of Warsaw University of Science and Technology (WUST) Anna Nosal, Head of academic mobility department, and Adriana Nasyazhec, Head of abroad deputation department, selected MPEI to pay the first fact-finding visit to the Russian Universities, and passed their training at MPEI on the program Erasmus + (the academic mobility). Warsaw University of Science and Technology is MPEI long-standing partner and one of the main Universities where the program of Erasmus + (the academic mobility) is realized. At the same time a Double diploma program is successfully implemented between our universities.

During the training Director of international program Center prof. Zhelbakov Igor arranged series of lectures for the Polish colleagues about the organization of the Russian education system, programs with assistance of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and other international programs, having shared the long-term experience in the international area.

The coordinator of the international programs and projects Mrs. Kulik Irina acquainted colleagues with structure and working of MPEI International Department. There took place the discussion on conceptual differences of international department working at Russian and European universities that both parties found very useful for the organization of more harmonious interaction between the universities in prospect.
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Besides, Mr. Zhelbakov and Mrs. Kulik arranged a fact-finding excursion on educational areas and MPEI campus, visits at Dept. of High Voltage Engineering and Electrical Physics (department chair Mr. Khrenov) and Dept. of Information-Measuring Technique (department chair Mr. Zhelbakov) where department chairs acquainted the Polish colleagues with equipment of departments, the main areas of preparation and scientific research, told about department communications with the industrial sector and specified interest in joint research with WUST identical departments.
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At the end of the training Vice Rector on International Relations Mr. Zamolodchikov Vladimir and Head of department of International Relations Mr.Tarasov Alexander summed up the results in the active and promising areas of cooperation, and handed certificates on interning to Anna Nosal and Adriana Nasyazhec.
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Effective cooperation between our universities continues!

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