Development of the collaboration between MPEI and Japan


On the 24th of April the Chubu University representative, professor Satarou Yamaguchi paid a visit to MPEI.

The private Chubu University was founded in 1938. Currently more than 11 000 students are studying there.

From the MPEI part, the visit was received by professor Y. Kuzma-Kichta, associate professors V. Glazkov and A. Lavrikov, leading scientist A. Sudarchikov and head of International Administration of MPEI S. Shirinskii.

Professor Satarou Yamaguchi showed a new variant of cooling a superconducting cable with use of liquefied gas. From the MPEI part, professors Y. Kuzma-Kichta and V. Glazkov gave an overview of the contemporary research on hydraulic resistance reduction for the analysis of capabilities for augmentation of effectiveness of a superconducting cable cooling.

Both sides took a decision to create a collaborative article..​​​​​​​

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