Academic staff exchange in Erasmus+ between MPEI and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology gains steadiness


From the 14th to the 18th of May professor Cristof Shabat and vice-dean Dr. Petr Joseph Serkis of the Electroengineering Department of WUST, Poland, have visited MPEI. It was their first visit to Russian Universities and during the event they were giving a number of lectures to MPEI students in frames of Erasmus+ academic mobility program.

Polish colleagues have been welcomed by the delegates from the Department of Electromechanics, Electrical and Electonic Apparatuses, Head of the Department Pavel A. Kurbatov, professor Sergey E. Ryvkin, associate professor Mikhail G. Kiselev and delivered lectures at the Insitute of Electroengineering about "Damping of torsional vibrations of 2-mass system Fuzzy logic control" and "Classical control strategies for DC/AC drives Model Predictive Control".

Moreover for the students of the Center of international programs an introducing lecture was given inside the Electroengineering Department of WUST presentation.

Institutional Coordinator for Erasmus+ Programme of MPEI Irina Kulik introduced Polish professors to the system and structure of the department of international relations. The perspectives of extending the collaboration have also been discussed. Treaty about a return visit of MPEI professors has been concluded, to be fulfilled in the nearest time for the purpose of reading lectures to Polish students inside the Erasmus+ program.

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