Siemens gives educational license to Russian universities


On the S. Petersburg International Economic Forum Siemens company has signed the Agreement with the leading Universities of Russia. The company gave academical license of program engineering complex in the domain of Product Lifecycle Management to Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU), National Research Institute “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” (MPEI), Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russian University of Transport (MIIT) and Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech).

Siemens possesses a large expert base in the PLM domain so the treaties signing gives new opportunities for Russian Universities. Students and teachers are provided with unique solutions for the constructional and technological projects and models that are available for the Siemens engineers all over the world.

“Digitalization contributes to the paradigm shift and opens new opportunities. It is important for us to give young scientists the access to essential instruments that would adapt them to the development of digital economics,” – stated the Siemens Administration Board member Roland Busch.

MPEI. SPbPU, MIIT, BMSTU, and Skoltech have received educational license for modeling the products inside a 3-dimensional CAD-system, use of the means for evaluating the construction characteristics and programming of the CNC machines. Program software serves not only for education, but also for scientific research purposes.

“Collaboration between MPEI and Siemens is continually developing and gained a new level: at the TES Department the Laboratory of Digital Power Engineering has been found with the help of the Siemens Company. The Laboratory was opened by Minister of Energetics Alexander Novak and is an equipped Computer Science class provided with the modern computers and an Electric Power Plant CCGTP Simulator”, underlined the Rector of MPEI Nikolay Rogalev.​​

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