The 23rd conference of the Association of International Departments in Sofia Technical University


Between the 18th and the 24th the MPEI delegation visited Bulgaria to participate in the organizing committee of the 23rd conference of Association of International Departments (AMO).

This time the hosting side was Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Among the participants of the conference there were 11 International services from 4 countries, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany and Poland.

Conference members were greeted by AMO President Valentin Dimitrov who spoke on behalf of Rector of Technical University of Sofia Professor and Dr.Sc. Georgiy Mihov, as well as AMO Vice-President Oleg Duhlev (TUS).

Reports on the conference matters were made by Valentin Dimitrov (STU), Alexander Tarasov and Elena Gulicheva (MPEI), Lubov Luchinina (MIIT), Maria Bilchuk and Nadezhda Popova (STANKIN), Alena Ponomarenko (MISIS). The information on the international cooperation climate and state, problems and decisions was given, examples of successful cooperation presented and the importance of international cooperation pointed out.

Membership in AMO and participation in its annual conferences help the Universities to solve problems of the organization of mutual educational programs and academic mobility development on time.

Among the discussion members were: Marion Helemann (TU Dresden, Head of International Administration), Vladimir Goldenberg (Augsburg University of Applied Sciences), Alexander Tarasov (MPEI), Oleg Duhlev (Technical University of Sofia), Lubov Luchinina (MIIT), Nadezhda Popova (STANKIN), Adriana Naziasek (Wrocław University of Science and Technology) and Honorable Vice-Presidents of AMO.

Within the framework of the first session there have been given an acquaintance with the strategy of Internationalization to the TUS and other universities-partners. MPEI representatives made a report on the development of collaboration with universities-members of AMO.

Participants of the conference discussed scholarship programs of European Union and prospects of collaboration development between the AMO partner universities.

An additional edition of the AMO book has been made as well, making every member of association report of the most successful project of AMO age.

President of AMO, Vladimir Dimitrov, gave an offer to hold the 24th conference in Sozopol, Bulgaria. It was supported unanimously, and It was also planned to elect the Head of the AMO Council. As a sum of the conference a number of new Russian Universities were admitted to AMO and the final protocol was signed.

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