MPEI participated in Erasmus+ International Seminar and Staff Week


Between 18.06.18–23.06.18 MPEI International Academic Program Coordinator Irina Kulik attended a number of events held at Politechnika Wrocławska –WUST, Poland, in the framework of Erasmus+ International Seminar and Staff Week.

46 participants from various countries took part in the International seminar “Influence of media and academic branding”. Among them were representatives of Austria, Bulgaria, Botswana, Bangladesh, Great Britain, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Indonesia, Iceland, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Nepal, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, South Africa etc. In frames of the meetings new contacts have been established, collaboration prospects have been discussed and the useful experience has been shared.
In 2016 MPEI and WUST launched two new programs: Erasmus+ (short-term students and staff mobility) and Double-degree program. In order to monitor the programs a number of working meetings were held between employees of the departments of international relations and the faculties that take part in the above-mentioned programs. Among them from the Polish side were: Director of the Office of International Affairs Andrzej Moczko, Coordinator of the Double-degree program Eva Mrocek, Deputy Dean of the Electrical Engineering faculty Robert Liss, Professor Leshek Pavlachik. As a result of the meetings the mechanisms of the program realization were regulated, and the agreements on allocation of grants for academic mobility were renewed for 2018/2019.

For the purpose of widening the collaboration field the discussion between MPEI and WUST Electric Engineering Faculty representatives was held. During these meetings a number of opportunities for MPEI students to pass the educational practice at the Polish enterprises on attractive terms were discussed and primary agreements have been achieved.

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