Visit of Shanghai University of Electric Power delegation to MPEI


​On the 29th of June the delegation of Shanghai University of Electric Power visited MPEI in the framework of the Agreement of Collaboration between MPEI and SUEP that had been signed in 2013.

The delegation of Shanghai University of Electric Power was warmly welcomed by Rector of MPEI Nikolay Rogalev.

Shanghai Power Engineering University was founded in 1951. The main goal of the University has always been to train high-quality specialists in the domains of Power Engineering, Environmental Protection, Power Engineering Industry and Electrical Engineering. Both MPEI and SUEP are members of ADEPT (Advances in Electronic and Photonic Technologies).

The Delegation of SUEP was headed by its Vice President Professor Fu Yan

The delegation members were:

  • LI Qifen –Director, Scientific Research & Development Office, Professor in Engineering Thermophysics
  • LIU Gang –Curator, University Chief Librarian, Professor in Automation Engineering
  • YANG Xingwu – Deputy Dean, Electric Engineering College, Associate Professor in Electric Engineering
  • HONG Zhenzhen – Translator

Vice-Rector on International Relations Vladimir Zamolodchikov, Head of International Administration Sergey Shirinskii and Head of Department of International Relations Alexander Tarasov represented the MPEI side and actively participated in the discussion.

During the visit presentations of SUEP and MPEI were shown at the Conference Hall of MPEI.

From the MPEI part Vice-Rector on research activity Victor Dragunov, Head of the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering Vladimir Tulskiy, Head of the Institute of Power Machinery and Mechanics Sergey Serkov, Deputy Head of the Institute of Hydro Power Engineering and Renewable Energy Sources Roman Pugachev and his colleague Mikhail Tyagunov.

Among the other events there was a meeting of Chinese delegates with Vice-Rector on research activity Victor Dragunov.

The delegation members visited Department of Relay Protection and Automation of Energy Systems, Department of Metal Technology and the Institute of Hydro Power Engineering and Renewable Energy Sources. During the visit the Chinese guests gave a number of offers referred to the development of relations between MPEI and SUEP and linked with collaboration in the framework of ADEPT.

The Chinese colleagues also visited a ground of the fighter aircraft Su-27 that had been transferred to the Military Department of MPEI in June.

MPEI expects the development of the fruitful partner relationship with SUEP and expresses its gratitude for the visit towards the delegates. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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