The visit of the delegation from South Africa to MPEI


On the 20th of September the official visit to MPEI was paid by the delegation of the Committee for Higher Education and Training of the National Assembly of South Africa headed by the National African Congress Chairperson Cornelia Carol September. From the MPEI side the representatives were: Vice-Rector on International Relations Alexander Tarasov, Head of the International Administration Sergey Shirinskii, Centre of the International Programs Director Igor Zhelbakov and the staff of the Department of International Relation.

The goal of the visit was to get acquainted with the MPEI structure and fields of training of future qualified specialists. During the meeting, representatives of MPEI reported on the system of higher education in Russia and made a comprehensive presentation about our university. A special attention was paid to the actual international projects of BRICS and realization of the mutual educational programs of the Network University.

Network University of BRICS is an association of the higher educational organizations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

NU BRICS is an educational project for development of the multilateral study programs and joint scientific research in 6 prior fields of study:

  • Power Engineering
  • Informatics and Cybersecurity
  • BRICS Country studies
  • Ecology and climate changes
  • Hydroresources and pollution neutralization
  • Economics

The Power Engineering field Coordinator is National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute".

For the honored guests a number of excursions have been organized. The Chairman of the Department of the High Voltage Engineering and Electrical Physics, Sergey Khrenov, showed the technical equipment of the department and several experiments. The Relay Protection Department staff has spoken about the main domains of their activity and training, and demonstrated the scientific work.

The delegation members expressed their gratitude for the invitation to the University and hope for the further active and fruitful cooperation in the educational and scientific spheres. MPEI, in its turn, has confirmed the willingness to enroll students from South Africa.

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