MPEI and "Global Energy Association" are to extend partnership to social good


On the 4th of October in the framework of Russian Power Engineering Week the Minister of Power Engineering A. Novak delivered the awards to the laureates of the International Prize “Global Energy” for outstanding achievements in the Power Engineering Domain.

After the ceremony, on the stand of Association "Global Energy" Heads of the latter and MPEI, Nikolay Rogalev and Alexander Ignatov, have solemnly signed the Collaboration Agreement.

Nikolay Rogalev marked the long-lasting partnership between the University and the Global Energy association and expressed his hope that the collaboration would be extended for world’s benefits. Alexander Ignatov, in his turn, underlined the urgency and priority for MPEI and the Association to work with young professionals, and praised the collaboration between MPEI and Association that gives a unique opportunity to transfer experience from the Association to the next generation of power engineering.

The signed agreement implies the extension of collaboration between MPEI and the Association in the field of promoting power engineering scientific agreements, information analysis and formation of the international expert power engineering community.

Joint events of the University and Association, such as the open lectures on the actual issues of the power engineering and academic colloquiums of Association experts and Global Energy Laureates, create huge interest in the community and are transferred through the Internet.

Five Honorable Doctors of MPEI are the "Global Energy" laureates.

From after 2003, International Power Engineering Award "Global Energy" has been given to the experts whose discoveries and technical decisions and innovations aid the Humanity in solving the hardest and most important power engineering problems. The award is in Top-99 of the key international Awards (IREG) alone among the Russian ones. In the rating of International Congress of Distinguished Awards the "Global Energy" Prize is in the "Mega-Awards" category for its dignity, exemplary practice and valuable fund.

The Global Energy Association for International Research Projects in power engineering "Global Energy" is a non-governmental organization for popularization and support of the research and innovations in the domain of power engineering and assistance to the power engineering collaboration development. The Association has been working from 2002 with the support from Gazprom, Surgutneftegaz and FSK EES.

Website: globalenergyprize.org​​​​​

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