Honorable Doctor of MPEI Rodney John Allam visits MPEI


During the visit of “Global energy” Laureate Dr. Rodney John Allam to MPEI there was organized a meeting with young promising scientists and researchers specializing in the field of advancing the Power Engineering Efficiency and Ecological Safety of Generating objects by reducing the greenhouse gases emission by their disposal. MPEI Rector Nikolay Rogalev attended the meeting.
Doctor Allam presented a report of contemporary state of international development in the field of ecologically safe power generation technologies. On their own turn, the group of young scientists from MPEI presented a report upon the results of project realization aimed at the formation of scientifically approved technical methods providing the creation of oxygen-fueled power engineering stations, carried out with the support of the Russian Scientific Foundation (№ 17-79-20371).
The achieved results have provoked a lively discussion and were highly esteemed by Doctor Allam. From his part he presented his expert recommendations upon the current development and research.
Rodney John Allam is the leading author of special reports about the CO2 capture for the Intergovernmental group of experts for climate changing. These reports are parts of the work that has been given a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. In 2012, Doctor Allam has become a laureate of the “Global Energy” award, as it was stated before, for outstanding merits in the field of Power Engineering, i.e., in development of new processes and equipment for gas and cryogen liquids, and for the development of technology of their application to produce electric power.

Rodney John Allam is an owner of 50 patents relied to the most recent technologies of cryogenic gas production and application of ecologically effective methods of electric power production.

In 2017 Rodney John Allam was entitled MPEI Honorable Doctor.​

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