Delegation of WUST (Poland) visits MPEI


During the period from 13.10.2018 until 17.10.2018 the delegation of Wroclaw University if Science and Technology headed by Rector Cezary Madryas was visiting MPEI. Among the delegation members there were: Tadeusz Więckowski, former Rector until 2016, who has been granted the title of “MPEI Honorable Doctor” in 2014, as well as the Director of Department of International Relations Andrzej Moczko and other representatives.
The delegation was warmly welcomed by MPEI Rector Nikolay Rogalev, Vice-Rector on International Relations Alexander Tarasov, Head of the International Educational Programs Centre Igor Zhelbakov and Coordinator of international Academic Programs Irina Kulik.

Intensive cooperation has been a feature of the relationship between MPEI and Universities of Poland for many years and it has been marked by the awarding of the Order of Merit for the Republic of Poland to MPEI in 1987.
WUST has always been one of the most important Polish partners for MPEI.

In the framework of the collaboration agreement the activities have been carried out in the following directions: giving lectures by the teaching staff in the partner University, stages for teaching staff, holding scientific and students’ conferences, joint publishing work, lively academic exchange.

During the last few years the cooperation between Politechnika Wrocławska and MPEI has intensified after the start of the European Union Erasmus+ and Double-Degree Program. Through the Erasmus+ program 37 academic moves have been realized in both directions, among them 20 of students and 17 of teaching staff.

The Double-Degree Program is realized by the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering at MPEI and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at WUST. Last year a thesis was successfully defended by a program member of MPEI and WUST, Anastasia Kotelnikova, and this year two more defenses are expected from Wroclaw and Moscow students respectively.

In frames of the delegation visit there has been a discussion of the issues of short-term and long-term prospective, and also mobility programs for students and staff members and extension of the Double-Degree Program in the circumstances of WUST academic structure modernization. At the top of that, an excursion through MPEI and its Power Engineering Institute laboratories was organized.

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