MPEI delegation at Shanghai University of Electric Power


On the 25th of October, 2018, at Shanghai University of Electric Power, the first session of the International Association of Universities for the Development of Electric Power Technologies ADEPT was held. The ADEPT Concept was founded with involvement of MPEI in 2013. Every two years Power Engineering Forums take place on the basis of one of the partner Universities. In the first session of ADEPT the following delegates from different Power Engineering Universities of different countries were present: China, Li Hexing, President of Shanghai University of Electric Power; Russia, Oleg Kuznetsov, Rector’s official representative; Malaysia, Kamal Nasharuddin Mustapha, Vice-Rector of National Energy University Tanaga; Brazil, Marcelo Villalva, representative of the Director of Campina University; Australia, Seth Kunin, Vice-person of Curtin University; Scotland, Scott John MacGregor, Vice-president of the University of Strathclyde; Vietnam, Truong Huy Hoang, Rector of Electric Power University. In the framework of the session the project of ADEPT Constitution has been discussed. The next day was marked by the solemn celebration ceremony of the ADEPT Council..

On the 26th of October the Regional Power Engineering Forum took its place in Shanghai. The associate professor of the Power Engineering Systems Oleg Kuznetsov reported of "MPEI Solutions for Regional and Global energy interconnections."

The forum was held in the Conference Hall of Shanghai University of Electric Power with representatives from China, Russia, Australia, UK, Shri-Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brazil who had made their reports in frames of the Forum.

After the Forum, negotiations were held with the Doctor of at Shanghai University of Electric Power Jie Wu about involving to the international project of the "Microgrid" the departments of MPEI, such as "Power Engineering Systems" and "Nuclear Electric Power Stations". In frames of these negotiations there has been concluded an agreement about the joint actions of preparing the application for the International project participation.

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