Workshop with Uzbek delegation at MPEI


From the 6th until the 10th of November in the framework of realization of the Agreement for preparation to create the MPEI Tashkent Branch a meeting with Uzbek side was carried out. Uzbek delegation consisted of representatives of “Uzbekenergo“ corporation headed by Obizhonov Jagonher Obizhonowitch, Ministry of higher and special secondary education of Uzbekistan delegate, Hujaev Abbus Azgamovitch responsible for control of educational programs and representative of TSTU named after Islam Karimov, associate professor Javohir Burievich Toshov.

After the meeting with the rector of MPEI, the delegation visited the Institute of Hydro and Renewable Sources of Power Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering Institute and Institute of Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering. Both sides prepared a Roadmap project related to creation and development the MPEI Branch in Tashkent lasting until the 1st of September, 2023.

The Agreement of TSTU teaching staff development at MPEI has been concluded.

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