MPEI welcomes students of Darmstadt Technical University


On the 22nd of November MPEI welcomed a group of students from Darmstadt Technical University, members of the students’ Union Corps Rhenania Darmstadt.

The basis of the students’ Union is the community of interests and friendship, as well as studying and living together. Union can officially give its members an opportunity to take part in workshops and travel to get information and experience in or outside Germany.

Corps Rhenania Darmstadt is translated from Latin as Rheinland Corporation, but apart from Rhein students, there are many other members from all over the world.

The Union currently consists of 250 members, among them 40 actual students from Darmstadt Technical University and 210 Alumni. From the very foundation of the Union that took place on the 12th of June, 1872, the main principle and tradition of the Corps is the constant contact and exchange of knowledge and experience to create succession in generations.

The goal of the visit was to establish long-term bounds of friendship with Russian student communities to exchange experience.

In the framework of the visit the excursion to the different places was held, starting from the hi-tech laboratories and modernized “Rosseti” lecture-hall, and ending with the headquarters of the Students Squad Organization (SSO), Students Labour Committee, and Trade Union Bureau. German guests expressed interest to both social life of Russian students of MPEI and engineering achievements of MPE professors in Electric Power. They were also given answers to their inquiries about MPEI studying and admission process, engineering education in Russia, organizing and practice issues and prospects of the MPEI graduates in the employment market.

In their turn, the German guests actively participated in the dialogue, discussing the system and process of the Higher education in Germany.

After the walk through main building of MPEI, the German students visited the “E” corpus that is well-known by its original design and science stations. Fellow students were warmly welcomed by the staff of Department of Physics and Technology of Electronic Microcomponents and the Department of Information Measuring Technology.

One of the sites to watch and make photos was the exposition of MPEI aircraft, as well as the Culture Hall, the main ground for massive events of MPEI.

Students were glad, so they are expected to return again.

In 2017 MPEI Russian-German collaboration celebrated its 50th birthday. MPEI work of preparing specialists for GDR was awarded the “Standard of Labour” in 1971. Nowadays, there are more than 24 German Universities that hold partnership with MPEI in the row of educational programs, among them the Double-Degree programs, stages in Siemens AG, requalification projects and academic exchange are realized.

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