On the 14 of December MPEI hosted a visit of delegation from South Korea


It comprised representatives of Sungkyunkwan University, Korea Energy Economics Institute, National Research Foundation of Korea and Korea Polar Research Institute.

Head of the International Administration Sergey Shirinskii informed the guests about the international activity of MPEI.

The guest were welcomed by the assistant of the First Vice-Rector, Alexander Volkov, Head of the Hydropower Engineering and Renewable Sources of Energy Institute (HPERSEI), Tatyana Shestopalova, Head of the High Voltage Engineering and Electrical Physics Department, Sergey Khrenov, and associate professor of the HPERSEI Mikhail Tyagunov.

HPERSEI study laboratory was demonstrated to the delegates.

By the meeting’s conversation sides decided to rectify the fields and forms of possible collaboration in the domains of Hydropower Engineering and Renewable Sources of Energy.​​

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