Power Engineering Specialists’ Training: round table of MPEI on The Moscow International Conference of Education


On the 10th of April at Moscow International Conference of Education a round table was organized by MPEI. The subject of the round table was "Training of high-qualified specialists for Digital Power Engineering – basis of Power Engineering Safety".
The moderator of the round table – MPEI Rector Nikolay Rogalev paid attention to importance of three cornerstone recognized problems: "What to teach?", "How to teach?", "Who will teach?" and claimed to focus on the ties of education and science with practice and production, respecting the tendencies in Power Engineering development, the digitalizing and key parts of industry.

The round table was visited by the representatives of the leading Power and Machinery Engineering companies, as well as colleges and universities.
The speakers pointed out the actuality of the questions posed that were signified by the importance of the role of Power Engineering for both economical and political safety.

Another outstanding aspect to consider is described by the 4th Industrial revolution and digitizing of Economy and Power Engineering.

Upon conclusion, Nikolay Rogalev declared that the discussion is just the beginning of the process and proposed to extend it both on the base of leading Russian Universities training personnel for Power Engineering branch, and international grounds.

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