Workshop for scientists and experts from Russia and ASEAN countries at MPEI


From the 15th until the 19th of April, 2019, at MPEI the workshop is being held for scientists and experts of Russia and countries of Association of South East Asian Nations. It was named "Effective production, transporting and consumption of energy".

The discussion members were the representatives of Ministry of Power Engineering and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as 19 experts of the ASEAN Countries.

Country Position, Compan​y
Brunei Power Supply Engineer
Cambodia Deputy Head of Energy Planning, Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy
Cambodia Employee of the power company "Electricite du Cambodge"
Cambodia First Deputy Head of the New and Renewable Energy Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy
Cambodia Deputy Director, New and Renewable Energy Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy
Indonesia Head of Department, Department of Energy Conservation, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
Laos Employee at “Electricite du Laos” (EDL)
Laos Deputy Director of the Renewable Energy Institute
Malaysia Assistant Director of the Energy Commission of Malaysia
Malaysia Deputy Chief Engineer, power supply company "Tenaga National Berhad"
Myanmar Director of the National Dispatcher Center
Myanmar Chief Engineer, Electric Power Generation Company "Electric PowerGeneration Enterprise"
Myanmar Official, Ministry of Industry
Singapore Engineer, National Environment Agency
Singapore Engineer, National Environment Agency
Thailand Employee, Department of Development of Alternative Energy and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy
Thailand Engineer, Electricity Generating State Company "Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand"
Vietnam Employee in the Department of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade
Vietnam Deputy Director of the Technical Department of the National Electricity Company "VietnamElectricity" (EVN)

At the workshop the following questions were discussed:

  • The present state of the Power Engineering in Russia, traditional and renewable,
  • Modern, best available and prospective nature preserving technologies for TPP in coal, natural gas, and fuel oil burning
  • Modern tendencies in Relay Protection and Power Systems Automation
  • Modern ways of strengthening the stormproof aerial lines and substations of the high voltage
  • Control of the electric power engineering system regimes
  • Reduction of the losses of electrical power by the augmentation of its quality parameters. Reactive power compensation. Dispatching.
  • Projects for wave power use, power accumulation
  • Smart networks. Questions tied with the spread generation, including Renewable Energy Sources (RES). Dispatching of autonomous networks.
  • Typical power preserving events (PPE) in the field of electric power consumption, choosing methodics, NDT on the electric power consumption side.
  • Example of autonomous mini-TPC on the low-reactive renewable fuel with the 60-150 kWt power. Small hydrogenerators with the alternate spinning frequency.
  • Control of the energy saving on the consumption side, power audit of industrial and municipal consumers of electric power. Programs of energy saving. International standard of power management "ISO 50001" and its introduction to the enterprise.

The program presumes the visiting of all the profile departments of MPEI that are holding the presentations of the above-mentioned topics.
Moreover, the participants of the workshop are to visit:

  • Practice Center of 3D-modelling of the equipment for TPP
  • Exposed transformer substation №34 equipped by the system of monitoring and improving the parameters of quality of electric power
  • Moscow enterprise of high-voltage electric networks with examination of the modern digital subststion Medvedyevskaya, situated at Skolkovo
  • TPC 16 "Mosenergo"
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